Episode 51:

Ben Amos is a passionate online video strategist, video producer, international speaker and consultant working with savvy brands across the world to connect them to their ideal audiences through effective online video marketing. As host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, and creator of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint, Ben’s mission is to help other creatives, marketers, entrepreneurs and video producers better understand how to attract, engage and convert audiences online with video.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why video content is the ideal vehicle to get your message out and overcome prospects’ internal objections to get more conversions
  • How to create “Frequently Asked Questions” videos that are specific to your firm and how you do business
  • Why it is important to use video to improve your client experience and delight your prospects and existing clients
  • What tools and software are available to help you create personal video content and even record your screen as you walk viewers through important documents
  • Why it is important to decide on your platform first (such as LinkedIn or YouTube) and then create content tailored to that platform
  • Why focusing on benefiting your audience is the key to beating the platform’s content algorithm, and why YouTube’s tags don’t make much of a difference anymore
  • How YouTube’s ranking algorithm works, and why watch time is a much more important metric than the overall length of your video
  • How to make sense of video analytics results and metrics, and why you should align the metrics you pay attention to with your goals for the video
  • When it is best to pay a video production company to make highly polished content for you, and when filming your own content is more appropriate
  • Why a smartphone camera, an inexpensive lighting kit, and a decent-quality microphone are all you need to create good video content


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