Episode 58:

Boris Musheyev, CPA is a tax and accounting firm specializing in tax planning and compliance for self-employed attorneys and law firms. We use proven tax strategies to save our clients tens of thousands of dollars on taxes every year when implemented correctly. We personalize each and every strategy to ensure that our client’s family and business situation is thoroughly examined to maximize tax savings. Our team is made of high-performing professionals who take diligence and care in every step of the process when handling clients taxes.

We believe that accounting is more than just being correct, its being strategic, proactive and maximizing tax savings. Aside from strategic tax planning, we also believe that our clients financial information is theirs and theirs alone. We employ secure technology that allows our clients to access their data at any time, no more waiting for a response. In our firm, we have one goal and one goal only, commit to doing everything in our power to help our attorney clients to legally reduce taxes and take home more of their hard-earned money.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The most important things you can still do this year to save money on your taxes
  • How you may be able to take deductions for home office and remote work
  • Why failing to maximize your 401k deposit potential could negatively impact your taxes
  • Who can benefit from HSAs and what those benefits look like
  • The advantages/disadvantages of a Roth IRA
  • What tax impacts the new Presidential administration could have 
  • How you may be able to use real estate investment to your advantage


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