Episode 96:

Eric Fong lives for the adrenalin only a courtroom provides.  With over 100 civil and criminal jury trials under his belt, he is recognized as an innovator of creative trial work. Eric protected low-income housing residents of WA State against oppressive crime control measures, creating the constitutional right to intimate association. His $91,000,000 verdict is the largest compensatory damages verdict for one person in Washington State. His representation of iconic funk musician & legend, George Clinton allowed Mr. Clinton to keep his historic body of work. Decided in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, this is the definitive copyright case in the United States.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What’s different and unique about practicing law in the Pacific NW.
  • The power of using the Gerry Spence’s psychodrama technique in the courtroom.
  • How Eric employs empathy and compassion in a way that keeps him truly helping people and growing his law firm simultaneously.
  • How the way you treat your clients and jurors can be the best form of marketing for your firm, better than any paid advertisement.
  • The things that Eric can attribute his level of success to.
  • How taking care of yourself, your relationships and living an honest & committed life can better your career.
  • How habits, good and bad, have an uncanny ability to shape your life as a lawyer and in everything else.



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