Episode 102:

From Little Money In His Pocket To Running One Of The South’s Largest Firms, With Scott Monge

Welcome to episode 102  of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast. In this episode Ken sits down with Scott Monge and we hear his story about how he grew his own firm and advice on how others can do the same.


Scott Monge’s passion for helping innocent injury victims comes down to the Platinum Rule: Treat people the same way your friends and family would want to be treated when facing a life challenge. Scott’s on a lifelong mission to win outstanding results for innocent injury victims battling against big insurance companies. This calling started when he launched his practice in 1993 in a rented one-person office in Atlanta. Today, Monge & Associates is recognized as one of the most influential law firms in America. Each team member is chosen for their passion and commitment to improving the lives of innocent injury victims. Thanks to their legal work with thousands of innocent personal injury and car accident victims, they’re regularly featured on television, print media, the internet, and many other media platforms.

In fact, Monge & Associates commitment to creating an exceptional client experience comes with a first of its kind guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with how you’re treated during the initial 30 days after you hire them, you can take your file — no questions asked — and they won’t charge you anything. Scott Monge is also the author of the book “Secrets to Win Your Injury Case.” Scott firmly believes you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give back to others. That’s why they’re here to make good things happen for other people.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How and why Scott went from the plains of the Midwest, without a lawyer in his family, to having one of the largest law firms in the South.
  • Information on the impressive size that Scott’s firm has grown to.
  • The unique process that Scott takes when it comes to customer service and attorney client communications (hint: it’s start with the employees).
  • How Scott’s firm has weathered the pandemic and how it’s affected the way people work.
  • The case that brought Scott the most personal reward.
  • Examples of when Scott has taken a big risk that lead to grow for his firm.
  • Advice for young attorneys who are just starting and want to establish themselves.
  • The 3 things every law firm needs to survive.
  • What Scott does to market his past clients so that his successful work leads to more in the future.




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