Episode 101:

Going Your Own Way & Taking The Right Risks With Lee Coleman

Welcome to episode 101 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast. In this episode Ken sits down with Lee Coleman and they discuss his career and firm along with some sage advice from a successful attorney. 

Lee Coleman is the Founding Partner of Hughes and Coleman. In 1985, he opened Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers with Partner J. Marshall Hughes. To date, founding Hughes & Coleman has been both Lee’s greatest accomplishment and his biggest channel for advocacy. Even though Lee’s legal career has been polished and time-tested, Lee never stops learning how to continuously better his firm for his clients. He constantly attends legal seminars and lectures across the nation in order to learn new and innovative ways to make Hughes & Coleman a leading firm in the industry.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Lee’s background and how he got into law.
  • The types of cases that Lee likes to practice the most, and why.
  • The amount of employees Lee has at his firm and how he has managed them working though the pandemic.
  • Thoughts on how you know it’s right to move your firm into another market.
  • Thoughts on when it is the right decision to buy another law firm and when it isn’t.
  • What kind of personal injury cases it makes sense to take on and put forward in front of a jury.
  • Advice about what kind of risks are worth taking as an attorney with your own practice.
  • Advice for young lawyers who are thinking about going into personal injury law (hint: it might be easier now than ever!)


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