Episode 35:

Jason Hennessey is an internationally known search engine optimization (SEO) expert, author, and speaker. Since 2001, Jason has been a vigorous student & practitioner of search marketing dissecting, testing, debunking, and reverse-engineering the major search algorithms. Jason attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he studied Business Management. In 2009, he founded Atlanta-based marketing agency Everspark Interactive, growing it to become a large player in the digital marketing space. After selling Everspark in 2015, Jason moved to California, where he founded Hennessey Digital to provide SEO and digital marketing services for growing companies. Hennessey Digital was named to the 2019 Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies in America.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why doing SEO correctly means you don’t have to become overly concerned with social media and search engine algorithm updates
  • Why reviews are important, and how the Google Trusted Photographer is a best-kept secret for yet another way to improve your search results
  • Why video is critically important for increasing the length of time site visitors stay on your website, and why this metric matters
  • What best practices, tools, and strategies you can use to create and upload great video content
  • Why content that you add to your homepage should also be included in internal pages across your website
  • How you can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights page to improve the loading speed of your firm’s website
  • Why pay-per-click advertising may or may not be worthwhile due to its high cost, and why it’s important to track your conversion rate to determine if it is profitable
  • Why the SEMrush tool can provide you a great deal of visibility into your website’s effectiveness and financial value, as well as checking on your competitors
  • How Google Vision uses artificial intelligence to scan images on your website to add information to your local listings


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