Episode 18:

Jay Ruane is a nationally recognized expert in digital and social media marketing for lawyers. In addition, he is an Amazon best selling author in the Law Practice Management category.

When Jay was a kid, his father was a local criminal defense lawyer. Jay watched him go to work every day defending the rights of people just like you and me. He took enormous pride in his job, and he taught Jay the importance of protecting the rights of every man and woman.

Jay’s father firmly believed that it is the job of the criminal defense attorney to check the power of the court and make sure that the laws are followed during the prosecution process. This is a belief that Jay saw in action every day and one that he came to adopt as his own. This way of viewing the world led him to his career as a lawyer.

In 2001, Jay went into private practice with his father. They started Ruane Attorneys, a modest criminal defense firm in Bridgeport focusing mostly on DUI defense. Fourteen years later, the firm has two additional locations, another senior partner, 8 associate attorneys, and a dedicated administrative team of 8.

Since opening Ruane Attorneys, Jay has spoken at several conferences, has been involved in local and national law associations, and has spent a minimum of 40 hours each year furthering his defense knowledge. He also authored and co-authored several books, including The Connecticut DUI Trial Handbook, Lady DUI’s Connecticut DUI Survival Guide, and The Connecticut DUI Survival Guide.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jay shares his career journey and explains how he initially began marketing his practice digitally out of necessity
  • How Jay founded a social media marketing training company for other lawyers to help them better engage with followers
  • Why Jay believes the key to building a successful law practice is to focus on the areas where you find passion and purpose, and why profits aren’t enough
  • How Jay created a systems-based process within his firm, and why systems have been the key to his firm’s growth
  • Why Jay wishes he had spent more time building his personal network early in his career, and why personal referrals are a powerful resource for growth
  • Why Jay believes that social media is one of the most powerful relationship-cultivating tools we have at our disposal in the modern world
  • Why nontraditional, digital marketing offers significant potential over more traditional marketing methods
  • How Jay’s books have become instrumental marketing tools statewide and have generated at least one new referral a month by themselves
  • How to get a free 15-day trial of Jay’s FirmFlex social media coaching just for being a Grow Your Law Firm podcast listener


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