Episode 16:

Kelsey Bratcher is the host of the Get Automated Podcast, where he chats with business owners and entrepreneurs about the ways they grow and automate their businesses. He is the Co-Founder of Automatic Practice Profits, a marketing agency for Regenerative Medicine clinics all over the US that offers a Done For You new patient acquisition service specifically designed to consistently produce cash buyers. Kelsey is an expert in firm automation and time-saving software, and he has saved over 30,000,000 minutes of time in his own businesses.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Kelsey got involved in working with law firms to help them optimize and automate the lead generation and intake process to minimize effort and time spent
  • Kelsey explains CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software and discusses his favorite piece of CRM software, Pipeline, as well as other companion tools he recommends
  • What “drip campaigns” and “nurture campaigns” are and how they follow up with prospects’ requests through automated processes
  • Why drip and nurture campaigns can be easier than you might expect, and why the window of time you have to contact a lead is tight
  • How CRM software and tools can be flexible, versatile resources with many potential uses in your law firm
  • Kelsey discusses Zapier, a tool that allows you to connect and integrate many different pieces of CRM software together
  • Why it is important for the software tools your firm uses to be expandable and automatable to help your tools grow with your firm
  • Why automation is one of the easiest “low-hanging fruit” process improvements you can make at your firm to save time and effort


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