Episode 90:

The 5 T’s of Improving Intakes, with Kerri Coby White

Kerri Coby White is co-founder and CEO of KerriJames, a consulting firm providing growth-hungry law firms with custom intake solutions that improve lead conversions and save time.

Kerri has been serving the legal industry in marketing and business development over the last decade, merging her consulting firm with that of James Brooks and forming BRITE PARTNERS, LLC in 2019. While James brought to the business a wealth of analytical expertise and digital marketing experience, Kerri brought a passion for network-building, client service, and business development. Together they provide a model for firms seeking to leverage the best of both approaches without overwhelming their teams.

A graduate of NYUs Steinhardt School, Kerri frequently works with new attorneys to develop skills and practices that grow their professional brand and increase case acquisition. She speaks frequently on the small, consistent strategies that, compounded over time, result in deeply satisfying careers.

As CEO of KerriJames, Kerri works closely within the industry to build new relationships and connect attorneys and colleagues to trusted partners that help them move the needle in their business. It is her personal belief that technology must be leveraged in ways that enable firms to do the important work of seeking justice, supporting clients, and growing organizations that serve their communities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The 5 T’s of improving your intake system
  • Getting granular with your data
  • Setting your team up for success
  • Software solutions for tracking leads
  • The importance of listening to your recorded calls
  • Setting targets and motivating your team to hit those targets
  • Using call centers for after-hours calls…the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Kerri’s new book, “The Good Firm”


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