Episode 32:

Lashonda Council-Rogers, a Sumter, South Carolina native, is the founder and owner of Council & Associates, LLC. Council-Rogers has over a decade of extensive legal experience advising clients on a wide variety of matters. Council-Rogers is an accomplished litigator and respected member of the legal community. Her years of experience have helped her become a skilled negotiator with the ability to provide highly effective legal counsel.

Prior to launching Council & Associates, LLC, Council-Rogers worked at a corporate law firm where she advised clients on numerous issues, including, but not limited to, contractual disputes and land-use conflicts. Council-Rogers’ sole focus is now representing individuals who have been injured due to tractor-trailer accidents, automobile accidents, and daycare center abuse. Council-Rogers has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of her clients.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Lashonda realized the importance of focusing on the right social media platforms to reach her target audience rather than trying to be everywhere at once
  • What strategies Lashonda is using on Facebook to build her audience, gain traction, and increase engagement
  • Why Lashonda believes that authenticity drives engagement, and how she gets ideas for content to share on Facebook Live
  • How 90% of the content Lashonda creates isn’t related to legal issues, and how that helps her capture viewers’ attention
  • How Lashonda turns to her own needs as a consumer for inspiration, and how she helps promote local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Why Lashonda believes that taking action now is more important than creating perfect, polished content
  • Why the human interaction available with Facebook Live is a critical component for Lashonda, and what tools you need to take advantage of Facebook Live
  • How Lashonda tracks interactions to be able to quantify what is and isn’t working, and why the majority of her Facebook Live posts are pre-recorded
  • Why Lashonda tries to focus on discussing topics to pre-record for Facebook Live that are evergreen and can be banked and used later
  • Why using a tracking number is vital for seeing that your efforts are working, and why overthinking things is a danger you should avoid


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