Episode 91:

How Apple’s Latest iOS Update Could Affect Your Law Firm’s Marketing Plan, with Luke W Russell

Luke Russell started in the legal industry in 2011 and got fully sucked in when he developed a couple of videos talking about frivolous lawsuits. He was told that he was able to talk about lawyers in ways that edified and affirmed their role in ways they weren’t good at doing themselves. 10 years later, he’s now launched the Lawful Good Podcast.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Luke came to be involved in the field of legal marketing
  • What the iOS 14.5 update means for you in terms of marketing your law firm
  • Ways that advertising in Facebook are affected by the iOS update
  • Adjusting your marketing strategies to comply with the privacy changes
  • How to ensure you are in compliance with the privacy changes
  • Tips for successful marketing campaigns in the midst of all the updates


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