Episode 78:

Increasing Your Average Case Fee and Average Case Settlement Value, with Micki Love

Past Experience

Micki began her career as a runner for Hughes & Coleman, a small personal injury law firm in Kentucky, while attending school. For more than 23 years, she was involved in all aspects of marketing and managing at the firm, and she eventually led the firm as their Chief Operating Officer.

Over the course of her tenure with Hughes & Coleman, the firm grew to over 175 team members with nine offices in four states. Throughout this time, she helped organize the M&L Legal Marketing and Management seminars, conducted financial comparison groups, and helped implement a cutting-edge intake department and operational efficiency system.

Mickis next step was working with Vista Consulting, where she helped law firms maximize their potential by solving operational obstacles.

Present Role

In 2018, Micki left Vista to join cj as President and Chief Brand Strategist, where she oversees all agency accounts and launched cj Consulting. Her insight on marketing, strategy, management, and leadership helps guide our agency and our family of clients toward a bright and successful future.

Outside of the agency, she enjoys watching her children, Caleb and Ava, grow up and be passionate about the sports or activities with which they are involved.

Moving Ahead

Our agency and our clients are rallying behind Micki, and the potential for growth at cj has never been higher.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you should do an honest evaluation of your firm before you even consider increasing your marketing spend
  • The correct way to evaluate your fees by case type
  • Why rule #1 is always, communicate regularly with your clients
  • How to track and manage your client communications
  • How to implement a grading system for your cases
  • What is a settlement committee and why your firm should have one
  • What the Pareto Principle is and why how your firm lines up 
  • Why you should know and have a good relationship with the doctors in your area
  • If you should be taking more cases to trial

Client Update Template Questions

*How are you feeling?
*What problems are you still having?
*What treatment are you receiving (related to the MVA as well as unrelated)?
*When was the last date you treated / with who?
*When is your next date of treatment / with each provider?
*Any tests run?
*Have you had an MRI?


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