Episode 98:

Structure Your Firm Correctly To Obtain Success, With Jim Adler

 Famously known as “The Texas Hammer” and “The Hammer Lawyer,” personal injury attorney, Jim Adler, has been hammering for car accident victims for over 40 years, championing “the little guy” against big corporations and big insurance companies which would deny their legal rights.That mission is why he launched his own law firm in 1973 with a one-man office in downtown Houston. Today, Jim Adler & Associates has offices all across Texas in Houston, Channelview, Dallas and San Antonio, with two dozen accident attorneys and more than 250 legal support staff. They share Jim Adler’s mission of helping injured Texans get the money they deserve from those who were at fault.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jim’s start practicing law and how he decided to take on personal injury cases, and which types of cases he initially took on.
  • Why you need an administrative structure to properly handle all of your cases.
  • A breakdown of the 7 fundamental departments of a successful law firm, and how Jim’s approaching them at his firm.
  • Why #7, the internet & social media, is so important today and how Jim approaches those needs.
  • The cities within Texas Jim operates in.
  • The phenomenon of finding it difficult to find good assistance due to people changing the way they approach work because of covid.
  • Advice for attorneys who want to become as prosperous as Jim is.
  • Why you have to treat everyone in your firm well to be successful in the long wrong.



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