Episode 21:

Since October 2001, direct-response copywriter, author, and seminar speaker Tom Trush has been writing marketing materials that give entrepreneurs and executives in more than 120 industries an alternative to the typical corporate nonsense that makes most outreach efforts useless.

From website content and direct mail to special reports and email campaigns, Tom shows clients how simply changing their perspective on prospects can help position them as an industry authority, deliver higher returns on their marketing investments, and allow them to reach larger audiences with less effort.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Tom transitioned his interest in sports writing into a career working for a news wire service and then writing for marketing materials
  • How branding and direct-response marketing differ, and why direct-response is a better option for getting your prospect to take action
  • Why differentiating your law firm from your competitors is the key to effective branding and marketing
  • Why it is important to ensure that your website contains words like “you” and “your” to show that you are focused on the prospect and their needs
  • Why trying to force a single message to work for all audiences is ineffective, and why you need to tailor your messaging to the market you’re addressing
  • Why your messaging should be clear and target your prospects’ needs and problems in an individualized way
  • What steps Tom recommends you can take to create an interesting and attention-grabbing headline
  • How to create a call-to-action that explains to your prospect what will happen and provides an incentive
  • Why the language used on your landing page should mirror the language you use in your pay-per-click advertising
  • Why the channel you choose doesn’t determine your marketing success, and why you need to focus on your market and message before you decide what channel to use


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