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Myth 1: Being a Great Lawyer Will Get Me ALL the Cases I need!

WRONG– Being a great lawyer and getting fantastic results for your clients doesn’t automatically mean these clients will send you referrals.

Even if you land them a phenomenal settlement or verdict- most clients will forget what you did for them- They simply get on with their own lives- and they aren’t thinking about your law firm anymore.

That’s why you need to Create Top of Mind awareness- You have to keep reaching out to your past clients so that they don’t forget about you-

If you want them to tell their friends and family about you, you have to stay in contact with them-

  • Send them Email Blasts
  • Send them paper or digital Newsletters
  • Send them cool swag like calendar magnets, pizza cutters, pens, and such with your firm’s logo
  • And definitely send them Birthday Cards and Holiday Cards, ….

There are so many ways to keep in touch with your past clients- and it cost next to nothing to do so- It’s a no-brainer fantastic ROI-


Far too many lawyers think being a good lawyer is what it takes to grow a law firm, but the truth is that you must do more if you want your phone to ring …

Create a system – and strategies to keep your past clients from forgetting about you-



Myth 2: The More Money I spend on Marketing; the More Cases I’ll get.


WRONG. The truth is that just spending big bucks on marketing Will not ensure you get more cases-

You have to be Strategic with your Marketing Dollars.

That means having the RIGHT Message- Delivered to the RIGHT Audience, and through the RIGHT Platform-

Your Message- needs to Address what’s on the minds of your prospects- what is keeping them up at night-

You have to differentiate yourself from all the other lawyers out there clamoring to reach those same prospects.


Your Audience- You have to Identify and then Target the Right demographic – Look at your top cases- who are these people? Where do they live? What are their viewing and listening habits?

Your Platform- You have to Take your Unique Message to the People you want to reach- You have to Go where they are-

For Example- is you want to get more Workers Comp cases, then running radio ads on the local oldies station isn’t likely to work.

If you want to reach Social Security prospects, then you probably shouldn’t be focusing energy and dollars on Tik Tok-

If you are running FB ads- you need to make sure your settings aren’t overreaching- but are targeting the people you want to reach.


You can spend a tremendous amount of money on Legal Marketing and STILL NOT hit the mark- The key is being Strategic.



Myth 3: I Sign Up Every Lead I Want- I Just NEED more Leads.


WRONG.  YOU- as the lawyer- probably do sign up all the good prospects that you talk with personally- But- you don’t really know how the other attorneys or staff in your firm are handling your firm’s leads.

90 % of ALL Lawyers are Losing Good Cases at intake every single month.  How do I know? We work with lawyers all across the country and they TELL us- Over and Over- that when they listen to recorded ghost calls to their firm- they are shocked by the results-

You have to INSPECT your EXPECTATIONS– You have to MAKE time to Listen to how your attorneys and staff are handling your intake calls- You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists.

If you need help in making and evaluating your firm’s Intake calls, then click  here ( insert the ghost call link) to learn more about PILMMA’s Ghost Call Program.  Our done-for-you ghost calls makes it easy for you to know how your firm is handling the leads you are paying for.



Myth 4: My Law Firm is Different- Most Marketing Strategies Just Won’t Work for My Firm.


WRONG.  Marketing is Marketing.  Your Law Firm is a Business- and there are many Successful Marketing Strategies that every single law firm can use to get more cases.

You Need the Right Message, delivered to the Right Audience, and using a variety of Mediums targeted to Reach the prospects you want.

It’s not Rocket Science- and many strategies aren’t expensive- and will work for any sized firm.

There are so many opportunities for law firms to grow these days- using platforms that didn’t even exist years ago. AND there’s Education Based Grass Roots Strategies that are timelessly effective.

But you must change YOUR Mindset- and realize that your law firm is a Business- and then begin to create Strategies and Systems to build Referrals and Leverage all the Digital Platforms available to you these days.



Myth 5: The More Information I Put ON my website, the better my website will Be.


WRONG.  Your Firm’s Website is Critically Important- it’s foundational.  BUT- there’s a right way and a wrong way to design and build your website.  There really is such a thing as TOO MUCH information.

You only have a minute or two to connect with a user whose found your website and you don’t want to blow the opportunity by throwing so much at them that they get sensory overload.

You need a CLEAR Message- a Message that pops, resonates- and sets you apart from the rest.

You need to Give relevant- easy to read content- organized in a user-friendly way.

You need drop down menus- and a user fast load time- If your site takes too long to load, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun.

And you need a clear call to action- Give your visitors something helpful they can download- in exchange for capturing their email address- You can use that email address to nurture them through a future email drip campaign.

Give them TOO MUCH information- and they don’t know where to begin- it looks too complicated, and they will just go somewhere else.

And remember the golden nugget- Your Website should be all about what’s in it for them- and not a vanity page that’s all about YOU.



Myth 6: I Can’t Compete with the BIG TV Spending Law Firms.


WRONG.  There’s never been a better time to reach prospects and compete with the Big Gun lawyers than today- Thanks to Digital Marketing you have loads of ways to connect with prospects- and to stand out from all the other law firms- including those big TV Spending Firms.

But first- you need to create a Differentiator- a Unique Selling Proposition- something that sets you apart from all the other firms out there-

You need to  answer two burning  Questions:  Why do I need a lawyer? And why should I choose your firm over all the other firms out there?

Creating the Right Message- and the Right USP is foundational- and from there- you can create a website that Sets you Apart- and then Start Leveraging Digital media- whether its PPC, LSA/s, Social Media Platforms, Face book Ads- Digital Email drip Campaigns, the options are virtually endless.

But don’t think for a moment that YOU can’t compete with the Big Guns, because YOU can.



Myth 7: Lawyers Who Advertise are Unprofessional.


WRONG– Gone are the days when Lawyers who Advertise Legal Advertise are viewed as Used Car Salesmen.

In today’s tech savvy information-based society people expect to be educated – they expect to see robust law firm websites, and tons of GOOGLE Reviews- they welcome the answers to their biggest questions, like what to do after I’ve been in an accident? Or how do I settle my property damage claim after I’ve been in a wreck.

They want to know the things that insurance companies don’t want you to know after you’ve been in an accident.

If you are answering the questions they are asking- you come across as a credible, real person- a lawyer they “know”, like and trust- And people hire the lawyers that they feel they know, like and trust.

In today’s world,  people are used to going to the internet to get answers to their questions, and to pick doctor, dentists, and lawyers when they need one.

So here’s the bottom line- Education based marketing is anything but Unprofessional. In fact, Lawyers who leverage Education Based Marketing Strategies are actually providing a public service to people who have been hurt or injured- or who need help with their legal problems.


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