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With Valentines  being the season of hearts, flowers, romance and LOVE, It got me thinking about how love fits into law firm marketing and management:  We know how powerful love can be in shaping who we are, what we do and how we choose to spend our time and our resources. 

Love for our family, friends, hobbies, interests, possessions and our business. Love is a tremendous driving force.  How are you harnessing this powerful emotion in your law firm

Over the years I’ve seen many lawyers make a big mistake when it comes to love:  Perhaps the biggest mistake law firms make is falling in love with their law firm, rather than their clients.  But when you become too focused on you and your law firm, you may overlook what’s in the best interest of your client. 

When your client becomes your No. 1 priority, your law firm becomes tailored to their interest.  

Happy clients create a great law firm. Happy clients give 5- star google reviews. Happy clients become Raving fans, that refer their friends and family to your firm.

Firms that focus on their business, rather than their clients are commodities. They are a dime a dozen.   To stand out from the competition, you need to be unique; By focusing on your clients and showing them “love” – by  listening to them, requiring your staff and every attorney in your firm to treat each client as they would their own grandmother, and always taking  the extra steps to helping your clients solve their  specific  problems in a bold way, you differentiate your firm from all the rest. With this mindset, you set your firm apart from the competition.

 Thought leader and Executive Coach Jay Abraham calls this principle the “theory of preeminence.”  Simply stated, the theory of preeminence means that everything you do should be for the betterment of your client.  When all your actions are motivated in this way, and you consistently provide this level of exceptional value to your clients, they can’t help but tell others about their experience with your firm – with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

 So, during the Valentine holidays, don’t forget to fall in love with your clients, not your law firm.  When you think about it, they are the ones that actually write the checks for your salary, they determine your profits, and ultimately, they dictate the future of your business.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!