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In the world of legal marketing, brand videos have long been considered a staple for law firms looking to promote their services and create a positive impression on potential clients. However, the truth is that these highly-produced, lawyer-centric videos are no longer effective in today’s market. In fact, brand videos for law firms are dead, and it’s time for a new approach.

The primary issue with brand videos is that they focus solely on the lawyers and the law firm, rather than addressing the needs and concerns of the target audience. These videos often showcase attorneys walking up the steps of the local courthouse in slow motion, exuding an air of superiority and intimidation. While this may seem impressive, it fails to answer the crucial question that potential clients are asking: “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM).

Potential clients are not interested in seeing a law firm put themselves on a pedestal. Instead, they are looking for solutions to their legal problems and reassurance that they are making the right choice in hiring a particular attorney. Brand videos that prioritize style over substance do little to address these concerns and can even alienate potential clients who feel that the firm is unapproachable or out of touch with their needs.

Moreover, the production of these brand videos is often time-consuming and expensive. Lawyers may need to spend several hours on set, taking them away from their primary responsibilities of serving their clients. The high production value of these videos can also come across as inauthentic, further distancing the firm from its target audience. The time and resources invested in creating these videos could be better spent on more effective marketing strategies that directly benefit potential clients.

Another significant drawback of brand videos is the difficulty in measuring their success. Most law firms feature these videos prominently on their website homepage, but there is often no way to track how many potential clients actually view the video or take action based on its content. This lack of measurable results makes it challenging to justify the investment in creating these videos.

So, what’s the alternative? Instead of focusing on brand videos, law firms should prioritize content that directly addresses the needs and concerns of their target audience. This can include educational blog posts, informative videos that answer common legal questions, and case studies that demonstrate the firm’s expertise and success in handling similar cases.

Additionally, instead of allocating time, energy, and money into creating brand videos, law firms should consider investing those resources into developing intake and follow-up videos. These videos can be used to guide potential clients through the initial consultation process, answer frequently asked questions, and provide valuable information about the firm’s services. By focusing on content that directly addresses the needs of potential clients, law firms can create a more personalized and engaging experience that builds trust and establishes credibility.

If a law firm already has a brand video, all is not lost. These videos can still be used effectively as part of a larger marketing funnel. For example, if a potential client opts in for a free resource, such as an e-book or whitepaper, the brand video can be included in the follow-up communication. By providing value and solving a problem for the potential client first, the brand video can serve as a way to establish credibility and build trust, rather than being the sole focus of the firm’s marketing efforts.

In conclusion, while brand videos may have been a popular choice for law firms in the past, they are no longer an effective way to reach and engage potential clients. By shifting their focus to content that directly addresses the needs and concerns of their target audience, law firms can build trust, establish credibility, and ultimately attract more clients. It’s time to embrace a new era of legal marketing – one that puts the client first and leaves the slow-motion courthouse walks in the past.

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Jimbo Marshall is an accomplished video producer, marketing expert, and entrepreneur who has worked with over 300 small law firms, creating engaging videos and effective marketing funnels. With his extensive legal industry experience, Jimbo is a go-to professional for law firms seeking to elevate their marketing strategies.