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Here is a Powerful but Simple Strategy to help you sign up more Personal Injury cases. 

This Strategy Works-

I know because I built and sold two 7- figure law firms and this is one of the best Strategies I used to build my own successful law firms.

I wrote a book- Actually not just one book- but lots of them- each one designed to reach my ideal clients- people who had been in an accident and needed answers, and a lawyer they could trust.

Now- I know what you are probably thinking: “Give me a break- I’ve got a law practice and too many fires to put out- I don’t have time to write a book.” 

But I’m not suggesting you write a novel, like War & Peace, or a long treatise or scholarly law review article- Not. At. All.

I’m talking about short, easily digestible books – Mini-books, really. Written simply, at about a 6th grade level.

Here’s the thing about getting MORE Cases: You need to set yourself apart from your competition-

There are tons of lawyers in every market- and flooding the Internet.  The big question is how can you stand out from the pack?

How can you differentiate yourself?

How can you come across as a lawyer your ideal clients can know, like, and trust when they’ve been in an accident?

Short, simple books that address the real questions and real issues that keep people up at night or stress them out after they have been in an accident- these are the kind of books that I’m talking about.

These short, simple books- make you an “expert” in your legal field- without you ever calling yourself an expert- and without taking some lengthy specialization exam. 

Education-based marketing works far better than a hard sell ever will. Why? Because when you give someone information that helps them- with no strings attached, you build trust. You create a relationship. You set yourself apart from the sea of other lawyers out there.

And when the reader needs a lawyer- it’s you they call and not the other lawyer down the street.

They hire you because they feel they know you. That you understand them- and that they can trust you to do a good job because you know your stuff. Why?

Because you wrote a book.

Potential Clients hire the lawyer that they know, like, and trust. 

And writing a book that addresses the very stuff they are dealing with after an accident makes you THAT lawyer- the one that stands out from the competition- The lawyer they want to handle their case-

How to Do It:

Writing a book is easier than you think-

In fact, I’ll cut to the chase and give you the roadmap.

  • Introduce yourself- Start with a short chapter telling the reader who you are- and explain just how committed you are to helping people just like them who have been injured by a negligent driver-

Be sincere- Let the reader see you as a real person here- (a real person who happens to be an experienced Personal Injury lawyer).

Don’t ask them to hire you. 


  • Then give them helpful “Inside “Information-


  • Answer the top 10 questions people typically ask after an accident, or
  • Give them 12 Tips about Dealing with Insurance adjusters, or
  • Explain how they can handle their property damage, or


  • Give them the “What to Do if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI,” or


  • Share 7 Things the Insurance Company Doesn’t’ Want You to Know.”




Here’s the secret- You want to put yourself in the mindset of your potential client.

Think about what their concerns are.

Think about what the misconceptions they probably have about how the legal system works.

Think about what keeps them up at night.


In a nutshell- you put yourself in their shoes and then give them good general advice. (With the written disclaimer that you can’t give them official legal advice, because that requires a signed contractual relationship, etc.)


Let the reader know your goal is to help people. Plain and Simple. Let them know you are tired of seeing innocent people just like them being taken advantage of by greedy and unfeeling Insurance Companies.




Throughout the book, make sure you are honest with them-

*explaining that these kinds of cases can get difficult.

* that experienced lawyers who handle these kinds of cases all the time understand the system-

* that experienced lawyers can help them avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of going it alone, without a lawyer.



At the end of the book, make sure you let them know that you can’t take every case- but that you can talk with them about their case- and that you will help them if you feel they have a good case.


Let them know you will give them an honest opinion-

That if they don’t have a case, you will tell them that, too.


  And that if they do have a good case, and you agree to represent them, that you will fight as hard as you can to protect their rights. 



Once you have your books there are so many ways that you can leverage them to get more cases-

  • Give them to all your existing clients and ask them to share these books with their friends, family, and anyone they know who needs a lawyer.
  • Use them as lead magnets in your Digital Marketing- offering them in hard copy or digitally, on your website, and in social media posts in exchange for their physical or email address.
  • Give copies of your book away at Community events-
  • Give them to Autobody Shops- Wrecker Services, Chiropractors and Doctor’s Offices. (Remember- you are giving very valuable information to people, FOR FREE- so many businesses are happy to provide these books to their clients and customers.


I promise you that these short, simple books WORK- and will help you get MORE Cases.

I know because I’ve done it.



I have written quite a few of these short books- for personal injury cases, motorcycle cases, trucking cases- even workers comp cases and premises liability cases-

I make these books available for purchase (market exclusive, of course) to anyone who joins PILMMA- just go to and you can check them out for yourself.

With my ready-made books, all you have to do is write your Introduction- tweak any content that may be specific to your state’s laws – and put your picture on the back cover- That’s it.

We handle all the rest-


They set you apart from your Competition.

They make you an expert.

They resonate with your prospective clients.

They will help you sign MORE CASES.

Whether you take the time to write your own or personalize readymade books like the ones I’ve written-   GET YOURSELF SOME BOOKS- and Start Leveraging them TODAY.

Stop losing cases to your competition- and start Signing MORE Cases.