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We’re delighted to offer the following resources. Feel free to use any of the information or materials on this page free of charge. If you come across something you believe would benefit your fellow attorneys please contact us

PILMMA Coronavirus Survival Webinar Series

Free download: infectious disease control policy

Boilerplate MS Word document. (click here)

Free download: protocols pursuant to infectious disease control policy

Boilerplate MS Word document (click here)

Business continuity plan

How to set up your law firm’s staff to work remotely. (click here)

How law firms can survive the coronavirus

Webinar hosted by Ken Hardison with Rebecca K. Sapp who is a Georgia attorney who has successfully shifted to remote status and John Simak is a Technology Expert, who frequently speaks at the ABA Tech show and Jerrit Prussian, CEO of SBA Funding. (click here)

Crisis cash flow process: developing a plan on funding needs

Webinar by CPA Greg Crabtree discussing how to develop a 90-day plan to move toward monetary self-sufficiency. (click here)

5 (practical) Cs for leading in a crisis/downturn

Here are 5 actions to take as a leader. (click here)

How to lead in the midst of uncertainty

Six things to leaders need to consider. (click here)

Employee well-being assessment tool

How is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting your team? (click here)

Resources to share with your employees

Some of the best practices and resources we’ve found helpful as we all learn and adapt to the changes we’re facing. (click here)

Weathering coronavirus disruptions with planning and technology

If there was ever a time to improve organizational capacity to plan and react to emerging threats and opportunities, it would appear to be now. (click here)

How to reassure your team when the news is scary

How you can communicate uncertainty both internally to teams and externally to clients — whether it’s about participating in an upcoming conference or delivering on a signed proposal. Communicating in the face of uncertainty is a constant leadership challenge. (click here)

Will business interruption insurance cover coronavirus-related disruptions?

There will likely be increased claims against these policies, but whether these claims will be covered depends on several factors—beginning with the terms and conditions of the specific insurance policy and the circumstances surrounding the alleged loss. (click here)

30 ways to build workplace resilience

Resilience in the workplace is a leading issue for boards, CEOs, and the People and Culture leadership. (click here)

Facing a company crisis? Follow these 5 strategies to restore the calm

Inc. Magazine article about leading employees through difficulty as a routine part of leadership. 5 steps to move through the chaos with minimal disruption. (click here)

The team huddle: a meeting tip that will simplify your company’s life

A team huddle is a great alternative to a mundane meeting! Energize your workplace with this new meeting idea and watch your productivity soar. (click here)

10 tips for managing your remote law firm employees during COVID-19

From the PILMMA blog. So, the Coronavirus is here and is likely to be with us all for quite a while. As a result, many of you have gone remote with most or all of your law firm employees. (click here)

Working from home due to Coronavirus

Three tips for productive leaders of a remote workforce. (click here)

Remote work advocates warn companies about COVID-19 work-from-home strategies

Forbes Magazine article discussing that while there is no doubt that remote work has reached an unprecedented tipping point, it may not be tipping in the direction we think. (click here)

Virtual meetings: 82 (best) tools and tips

Virtual meetings can be a cost-saving or revenue-generating option as an event planner. But only if you have the right tools and know-how. (click here)

The ultimate guide to remote meetings in 2020

How to set up effective virtual meetings with distributed team members. (click here)

How do I protect my remote desktop connection?

Six easy tips for protecting your remote connection. (click here)