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Waiting on Medical Records can put a real monkey-wrench in getting your cases out the door and legal fees in the door – and paying too much for Medical Records can erode your profits.

But here’s some good news: Watch this FREE WEBINAR- featuring Jared Vishney and Jim Anderson with Arctrieval and get ready to learn the strategies and best practices built into Arctrieval’s web-based software that is successfully assisting personal injury law firms in three key areas:

1) Getting medical and billing records delivered in 30 days or less,

2) Eliminating wasted time calling providers to chase missing documents, and

3) Obtaining the HITECH cost-based rate for record copying fees.


Use this Unique Tool to See How even Slight Adjustments in a few critical areas  will dramatically increase YOUR FIRM’s Profit Potential- Quickly crunch a few critical numbers below- to Gain Immediate Clarity!

Many lawyers have no idea how even small increases in conversions or leads or minute deductions in overhead will compute into BIG tangible results to their firm’s bottom line!

Just Plug in a few simple numbers and prepare to be blown away as you see for yourself what this can mean for you and your law firm!


Wondering whether you can or should require your employees to get the COVID vaccine?  Do you need clarity on what the latest round of PPP Loan rules mean for your firm?  Then you can’t afford to miss this 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 webinar!  Join us as Employment Law Expert, Alan Crone, and Tax Expert, Boris Musheyev, share the VERY LATEST UPDATES on your legal rights and responsibilities regarding the vaccine and PPP Loans. 


7 Steps to getting more clients

It’s what every law firm needs: more clients. Ken Hardison lays out for readers seven steps you can take to improve topline revenue.


8 Profit accelerators 

Small changes within your firm can have a huge effect on your bottom line. Ken Hardison reveals eight things he’s done to grow profits at his firms. 


We’ve assembled this list of resources from our own content and from around the web. PILMMA is providing this free of charge to all lawyers. 


Our monthly magazine is the ultimate resource in legal marketing and management. Produced and published in-house, this premier publication is chock full of content from highly respected writers and industry experts in the world of law firm marketing and administration. 


The Mastermind Effect

Ken Hardison is joined by fellow Mastermind members to discuss the personal and professional benefits to joining a Mastermind group.


What does non-lawyer ownership of law firms mean for you and your law firm?

Arizona’s Supreme Court recently bulldozed the state’s longstanding prohibition against non-lawyer firm ownership in a major game-changing decision that will have serious implications for lawyers all across the country!


Artificial Intelligence: A New Frontier for Legal Marketers 

If you haven’t begun to integrate AI into your law firm’s marketing strategy, make it a priority in the coming year. Despite all the hype, it’s still the early days of the artificial intelligence boom, and you’ll gain a distinct advantage over the competition by becoming an early adopter.  


Grow Your Law Firm Podcast 

More than 50 episodes! Ken Hardison interviews some of the brightest minds in the legal business. You can listen here or find us on your favorite podcast platform.

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The IRS is at it again. They recently released yet more guidance about the non-deductibility of expenses associated with the PPP loans. As a result, we know many lawyers are bound to have lots of questions! That’s why we asked an expert, Brooke Lively, President of Cathedral Capital, to join us for this FREE WEBINAR! 


Year-end Tax strategies

Boris Musheyev, CPA is a tax and accounting expert specializing in tax planning and compliance for self-employed attorneys and law firms. During this webinar, he shared his suggestions for preparing for year-end and tax season.


Blueprint for a killer newsletter

Ken discusses how seemingly old school newsletters are powerful tools for generating referral clients.



Usually available only to PILMMA members, we’re making October’s intake training session available to all law firms free of charge for a limited time. A gift to you and your staff during these challenging times.


The 7 Levers to increase your Cash Flow

Increasing cash flow and profitability in these uncertain times is even more of a priority than usual. In this free webinar, Ken discusses how seven small changes can make substantial changes in the financial health of your law firm.

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