Episode 219:

Welcome to episode 219 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast, hosted by Ken Hardison. In this episode, Ken sits down with Eric Morgan, the President/CEO of Roux Advertising in New Orleans. Eric discusses the importance of social media marketing for lawyers. They delve into strategies for building brand awareness, engaging with audiences, and utilizing platforms like YouTube to boost visibility and growth. The conversation highlights the significance of a solid content strategy, creative messaging, and community involvement for law firms looking to maximize their online presence.
As the President/CEO of Roux Advertising, Eric takes a strategy-first approach to building marketing campaigns that grow call and case volume for his law firm clients around the U.S. In this method, his 29 years of strategy mapping, account management, media buying, creative production, and analytics across legal marketing and other categories, brings clarity, accountability, and a healthy return to marketing campaigns. He applies his award-winning data-driven campaign building to client initiatives across offline, online, non-traditional, and community outreach advertising efforts. His insights and approach have helped deliver successful marketing strategies and media campaigns for brands across the U.S., including Morris Bart, LLC, Frank D. Azar & Associates, The Law Office of Craig Goldenfarb, Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers, Shelly Leeke, Harrah’s Casino, Louisiana Office of Tourism, Hotel Monteleone, and Visit Baton Rouge.
Eric earned an M.B.A. at Tulane University and a B.A. from Loyola University in Advertising Communications with a minor in Marketing. With over 29 years of marketing, strategy, advertising and media buying experience, Eric regularly speaks on the topics at conferences. In 2009, he was named Top Executive of the Year by the Advertising Club of New Orleans. He has taught Advertising Media Planning in Loyola University’s Communications Department and is a fellow of Loyola’s Institute for Environmental Communications and the Institute of Politics. Eric sits on the Board of Directors of the Go.Be., supporting entrepreneurial minority small business owners, and is a past board member of Louisiana Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Tulane Association of Business Alumni.
What you’ll learn about in this episode:
  1. Unlock the Personal Side of Legal Practice:
    • Explore the impact of showcasing personal aspects, community involvement, and charity events in transforming lawyers into relatable figures.
    • Discover how this approach significantly boosts engagement and visibility, giving your legal brand a human touch.
  2. Revamp Your Social Media Strategy through Experimentation:
    • Dive into the world of crafting a powerful content strategy.
    • Experiment with various content types, from staff highlights to community involvement, and tailor your approach dynamically based on audience reactions.
  3. Utilizing YouTube Shorts:
    • Delve into the effectiveness, affordability, and scalability of YouTube advertising.
    • Uncover the unique advantages of YouTube shorts, providing an accelerated path to growth and increased engagement for your legal brand.
  4. Navigating the Challenge of Multiple Social Media Profiles:
    • Overcome the complexities of maintaining brand consistency and community engagement across various profiles.
    • Establish clear guidelines and role delineation to streamline your social media presence effectively and make sure your audience understands.
  5. Social Media Mastery for Legal Success:
    • Learn to harness the full potential of social media marketing and elevate your online presence for lasting client relationships.
    • Explore personal engagement strategies, innovative content approaches, leverage YouTube advertising tools, and maintain a consistent brand message across profiles.

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