Would a 28% increase on the return on investment of your marketing dollars make a difference in your practice? Of course it would! Any lawyer worth their sheepskin would give their eyeteeth to get an increase of even a fraction of that return.

But what “any lawyer” doesn’t know is that a 28% increase is NOT that difficult to achieve….

In fact, our average Mastermind Member does just that – pulls in a whopping 28% more on every dollar spentless than one year after putting this valuable knowledge to work. Many actually achieve even higher returns. (And they all got to keep their eyeteeth.) Nothing else comes close to performing this reliably, this consistently, this quickly, for law firms like yours. Guaranteed.

That’s because our job…our sole guiding mission…at PILMMA is to do one thing: Dramatically increase your return on your marketing dollars – while providing you with all the wickedly effective strategies, methods, techniques and tactics used by the most successful law firms in the country. Ingenious knowledge proven to drive massive revenues straight to your bottom line.

It’s all we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the country.

In fact, I’m so confident we can help you throw open the floodgates to a torrent of quality cases and create an explosive increase to your bottom line – just as we have done for hundreds of other contingency-based lawyers – that I’ll take your Mastermind membership on contingency.

That’s right. We either perform – and you start pocketing more money than you ever have before in your law firm – or you don’t pay. Not a single cent. Zip. Zero. Nada.

I’ve practiced contingency law for over 30 years. I like the model. In fact, if PILMMA were a contingency-based program instead of a flat-fee membership program, we would be pulling in millions of dollars each year from our members. Tens of millions…Just on the increase in their profits alone. But that’s not where my motivation lies. Instead, I apply the contingency model not to the profits you will make (that’s all yours to keep), but to your membership fees.

Here’s the deal: If after one year of membership, you don’t feel you received at least a 10x return on your membership investment, then we have no business billing you for our services.

You read that right. If you are not completely satisfied with the benefits to you from the information and services we deliver – and you’ve implemented at least one of our strategies, tactics, ideas and methods – but you didn’t get those same results at the very minimum….we will gladly, and immediately, refund every cent you have paid PILMMA.

That is my Ironclad, Zero-Risk, All Your Money Back Guarantee to you.

What other organization is willing to offer you that guarantee? NONE!! PILMMA is the only Lawyer Association willing to put our wallet where our mouth is. And invest an entire year in you and your law firm….working side-by-side to create a white-hot level of success that fills your bank account and leave competing firms shocked and confused.

But don’t take my word for it. As lawyers we make our living on the proof, so I encourage you to investigate. Take a look at testimonials from present members…lawyers just like you who were skeptical at first…lawyers who are happy to tell you about the breakthrough results they’ve enjoyed after joining PILMMA. Depose them. Ask them for evidence. I guarantee their testimony will hold up under your scrutiny.

The bottom line is this: I could hammer you with crafty sales writer pitches and dazzle you with $10 words all day, but that’s not what we do. (Besides, your bull-meter is too finely tuned for that.) So, if making more money on your marketing investment…and attracting more high-quality cases…is NOT what you want to do, then don’t accept the offer I’m about to make you. You can stop reading right now.

I’ll personally hand you the keys to the vault containing our entire wealth of profit-building secrets, and you can use any and all of it…. Without giving a single red cent. Put everything to work for you and your firm…apply some of the easy-to-implement strategies that our members gladly pay to have access to…and see what happens.

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