Episode 166:

Welcome to episode 166 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast, hosted by Ken Hardison. In this episode, Ken sits down with Sam Mollaei to discuss Artificial Intelligence and how you can make it work for your law firm. 

As a lawyer and legal disruptor, Sam has grown 3 of his law firms to 7-figures before the age of 33, received 4 ClickFunnels TwoCommaClub Awards as a lawyer, generated more than 11,500 legal clients, and gathered over 2,916 5.0 Star Google Reviews for his law firm, Sam now helps busy lawyers grow and automate their own automated virtual law firm.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Artificial Intelligence means today
  • How AI tools can change how you do business
  • The benefits of using AI in your law firm
  • The limitations of using Artificial Intelligence
  • ChatGPT, Dalle, Quillbot and many more! 



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