Episode 68:

Scaling Up Your Law Firm with Solid Execution, with Chuck Kocher

Chuck spent 21 years working in the corporate world in a variety of capacities.  After being exposed to all kinds of businesses from manufacturing to high tech and to virtually every aspect of business, Chuck decided that he wanted to become a real entrepreneur and start his own business serving and helping other businesses grow.

Chuck has coached, trained, and spoken to thousands of business leaders from a wide variety of industries across the globe and has helped them successfully transform. In addition to his 40 years of experience helping entrepreneurial leaders successfully change the way they operate, Chuck is also a passionate learner himself. Each year he commits more than 250 hours to improving his own knowledge and skills so that he can pass that on to businesses that don’t just want to be good, but want to be great! To do that, Chuck has earned certifications and accreditations from some of the best high-growth business training organizations in the world, including Scaling Up Coaches, John Maxwell Leadership Coaches, Wiley (DISC & 5 Cohesive Behaviors) and Flippen Leadership Profiles. He is a voracious reader and also attends four learning and development conferences every year.  Chuck brings significant experience, a track record of client success, proven world-class best practices/models/tools and a passion for helping others succeed! 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The most common issues that keep business owners from successfully executing and achieving goals
  • How saying “no” can actually contribute to your law firm’s growth
  • The role that meetings should play when trying to scale up your law firm
  • How to structure your firm’s meetings, so that they fuel your team’s ability to execute
  • What types of questions you team SHOULD be asking when they’re engaged
  • The importance of valuing honest feedback from your team


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