Episode 26:

Pamela DeNeuve began working with lawyers in Los Angeles, California in 1992 and has worked with AM 100 law firms throughout the US and abroad ever since. With over two decades of experience under her belt in business development, professional and personal life strategy and accountability coaching, Pamela has gained key insights into the cause-and-effect relationship between office morale, physical, mental and emotional health, AND lawyer and law firm productivity, profits and growth.

Pamela has helped thousands of people with her accountability coaching programs. She has developed a lawyer and law firm-specific intensive program to cater to our current crisis in lawyer well-being. With this program, she has helped hundreds of focused, successful lawyers and law firms achieve peak performance. She coaches her clients to move their practice to the next level in order to build and sustain lasting legacies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why lawyers are under a tremendous amount of stress in their jobs, and how the coronavirus pandemic has added to that stress
  • Why lawyers put a higher level of expectation on themselves than on those around them, and why working from home adds new challenges
  • Why Pamela believes it is important to first acknowledge the amount of stress and pressure you are under and accept that stress is a normal reaction
  • Why the stress of isolating with your family can be highly disruptive to your work, and why it is important to be clear in your boundaries and expectations
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about the chaos around you but should instead channel that energy into serving your clients
  • How “worker bees”, “worriers”, “turtles” and other personality types deal with stress differently, and why it is important to understand your type
  • How regular physical exercise can help you get rid of excess energy and can help reduce your stress levels
  • Pamela offers ideas for conducting video-based referral meetings and tips for lawyers who are struggling under the new normal of these crisis conditions
  • Why it is important to separate home life and office work, and why keeping the peace with your family and avoiding boredom is critical
  • Why you should remember that you will get through the crisis and can come out the other side stronger than before


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