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Today, the most successful law firms clearly understand that they must invest capital in technology to enhance their digital capabilities.

But, often, law firms are scared to dive into investments because they simply don’t have the proof that it works for other law firms, and so we’re here to guide you through an educational case of a firm that is finding success.

Let’s start with the basics.

Where are law firms investing capital?

You probably guessed it: technology!

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So, how are firms determining what’s best for their business?

Simple, law firms uncover these essential factors:

  • What’s best for their clients
  • Where the clients are
  • What the clients need, when they need it, and how

Using various digital services, firms are making their client intake less challenging and meeting clients where they are today – online.

So, to help you better understand the effect of law firms going digital.

We’ll cover a detailed before and after case of a firm that sees incredible results by diversifying its investments.

Let’s dive in…

The Case of a Personal Injury Law Firm

Amourgis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is a personal injury and bankruptcy firm with offices in Ohio, specifically in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Despite the competition for clients in states like California or Louisiana, they still find themselves in places where most state lawyers practice. In Ohio, for every 1,000 people, there’s an average of 3.2 attorneys.

And just other firms, Amourgis & Associates, Attorneys at Law experienced problems with their previous agency, which led them to Consultwebs…

How Firms Find and Form the Perfect Partnerships

During a one-on-one chat with Francis Mackey, one of the firm’s attorneys, we asked about their previous experiences, and he said:

“[With the first vendors], it was a lot of us telling them what to do, and I didn’t know what to do. Me telling them what to do was useless.”

Moreover, he stated that their website was not aligned with their firm’s vision. Also, they weren’t measuring any data. That’s when they realized they needed to make a smart decision and change vendors.

To achieve this, the firm decided to join PILMMA in hopes of finding solutions — and they did!

The Importance of Joining the Right Conversations

PILMMA offers mastermind groups that allow legal professionals to form powerful alliances and gain invaluable insights.

In here law firms:

  • Gain insights from other people and boost your connections
  • Save time and money by learning from other people’s mistakes
  • Discover what’s working and what’s not working from various types of fields, whether it be in legal, medicine, music, etc.

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The ripple effects of joining a community of other legal professionals and collaborating and investing in the right relationships pay off.

From Not Knowing What to Do – to a Clear Path to Success

With the help of transparent communication, shared vision, and effective execution, the firms see results that are beyond impressive:

The firm runs two types of campaigns:

  •  SEO, search engine optimization, to boost organic results
  •  LSAs, local service ads, to boost local rankings


  1. In a year-to-year comparison, the firm’s number of users increased by 1,803%!

The firm’s website users have jumped from an average of 1,079 to an incredible 20,543!

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  1. Their organic traffic is also increasing over time

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 9.57.31 pm

As the attorney states,

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 10.00.47 pm

  1. The firms are now receiving more contact forms

It was one of the firm’s goals to collect more contact forms, and it has succeeded in guiding more users towards chat or contact form pages.

In a recent year-to-year comparison, they’ve met their goal more than they aim for, seeing an increase of 831.58%!

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  1. They also start dominating relevant keywords

Whether it’s SEO or LSAs, keywords are what connect a firm’s content with a user’s search. Some of the top keywords the firm dominates include:

  • Liquidation bankruptcy chapter
  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Cleveland bankruptcy attorney
  • Debt attorney near me
  • Akron auto accident lawyer
  • Akron wrongful death lawyers
  1. Profitable LSA Efforts

The firm also sees results from LSAs.

  • The average CTR is 4.64% (≈ 5%)
  • The average conversion rate is 9.17% (≈ 9%)

Now, the firm is finally operating above industry averages.

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 10.12.41 pm

In law, the average CTR for search is 2.93%. However, the firm is up to 5%, and their conversion rate is almost double, at 9%!

  1. The firm experiences an increasing number of leads

With LSA and SEO in place, the firm’s acquisition of leads increased, too.

  • The firm’s cost per lead (CPL) shows a continuous decrease. The average CPL is now $60.03 (≈ $60).
  • The firm’s number of leads continually increases. e average leads per month is now 136.65 (≈ 137).

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With all these amazing results, you might have lingering questions, such as…

Where Can My Firm Get the Best Return on Investment?

We’ve shown you results, but ultimately, the million-dollar question is:

Where should law firms invest? Where is the biggest ROI for law firms?

The truth is that thousands of factors determine this.

But one thing’s certain – the online arena is a law firm’s biggest opportunity!

Amourgis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, recognizes the importance of investing in the right digital channels.

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The reality is that no two firms are alike; no two firms profit from the same strategy, but all firms can profit from a strategy in place.

If you want to learn more about different strategies, see other law firm case studies, talk through different marketing channels  – Book a 1-1 with a legal expert.