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Some of you may think that radio marketing is dead these days, given the current popularity of Spotify, podcasts, and other streaming platforms. Not so!  Many law firm owners are getting great ROI with local radio advertising. 

In reality, many potential prospects are still listening to local radio and talk radio. These consumer habits make sense – People are back in their cars, commuting to and from work, running errands, grabbing dinner, carpooling the kids, and so forth.  Even though most of us are tied to our mobile phones, when it comes to driving, we are less likely to be on our phones. Texting while driving is illegal in most states, and using a handheld device while operating a vehicle is dangerous. While some consumers are certainly streaming their favorite playlists on Spotify, listening to a new book on audible, or catching up on a new podcast of interest, others are tuning in to their local radio stations. Some have a connection with local radio personalities. Others want to hear the local news or weather.

 The bottom line is this: for whatever the reason, people are still listening to the radio, and that means there are still advertising opportunities for law firms in 2023. blog images

If you are ready to see if radio advertising in today’s market will help your law firm sign more cases, here are a few tips to help you make those marketing dollars count:

Like with TV advertising, you need to nail down two critical factors: Frequency and Reach. 

Frequency: An ad that runs only occasionally is unlikely to deliver stellar results.  People need to hear your advertisement often enough that it sticks with them. Hearing your message just once or twice a week is unlikely to do much for you.  Instead, aim for running your ads at least 5 x’s/week. 

Reach:  Think strategically here: Where are your ideal clients? What stations are they listening to? If you want to make an impact with radio advertising, you need to place your radio advertising dollars into ads on stations that have the greatest likelihood of reaching your target audience.

In order to nail down the necessary Reach, you need to do a little homework. For example, if your ideal clients are men and women between the ages of 18 and 55, you need to know what stations this consumer group is listening to in your market. The best way to conduct this research is to enlist an Ad agency that has access to Kantar or a similar service. These services are expensive, but advertising agencies are likely to be subscribers with ready access to the demographic data you need.  Of course, if your firm is in a small market, with few radio stations, then you probably won’t need to amass demographic listening data since you already know the stations your potential clients are images 1

  • Get Endorsements from the Station’s Popular DJ/Show Host: If you want to stand out and have your firm’s message resonate with listeners, then try to obtain frequent endorsements from one of the most popular hosts on the station. Remember, your goal is Frequency. You need listeners to hear your firm’s name as much as possible. Try to get endorsements daily or at least several times per week. Be available for live call-ins during the show, if possible.
  • Sponsor Your Own Radio Show: Sponsoring your own radio show may be more affordable than you think, and it’s really not much different from a podcast. You can make it a call-in style show where you answer callers’ legal questions, use an interview format where someone interviews you, or you interview others.
  • Branding & Direct Marketing: Radio Advertising provides you with opportunities for Firm Branding (similar to Online Social Media) as well as Direct Marketing. Your ads can be designed to get your firm’s name out there in the listening community; however, you can also leverage more direct marketing strategies by offering a free copy of a consumer book or report you’ve written.
  • Relevant Content: Remember that listeners are apt to be in their car without the ability to write things down, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to remember you. They need to hear your firm’s name often enough that they can easily type it into their phones later or use vanity or repeater phone numbers they can easily remember.

When it comes to content, as with any effective marketing efforts, put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes and address the questions or concerns they are likely to have, the issues that keep them up at night or the misconceptions they are likely to have about lawyers or the legal process.

  • Split testing: As with online or TV advertising, split test various ads to see which ones are most effective. By offering a lead magnet book or report and using tracking numbers you should be able to see which ads are resonating the most with your prospects.

Radio advertising offers law firm owners another viable tool in their marketing toolbox. Do your homework and follow the above tips to help you leverage radio to help you build your firm’s brand and grow your law firm.


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