Episode 165:

Welcome to episode 165 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast, hosted by Ken Hardison. In this episode, Ken sits down with Cassidy Lewis from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to discuss database marketing; what it is and how you can use it in your law firm.

Cassidy Lewis is the Chief Marketing Officer at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers where she has proudly led the firms branding, digital, and advertising efforts since 2017. Prior to Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers she gained experience in several marketing roles that includes political campaign strategies, client services, sales, and owning her own marketing business. Lewis has both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in marketing along with several certifications. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband, littles, and watching any history documentary.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Getting started with database marketing
  • What database marketing is and how your firm can utilize it
  • Mailings are NOT dead
  • Using statics in your marketing to increase your case leads
  • Opportunities that you may be missing 

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