Episode 11:

Kara Prior has a strong social media and writing background, having worked for several newspapers and managing Entrepreneur magazine’s 100,000-member social network before joining James Publishing seven years ago. Now she directs James Publishing’s referral and conversion system for lawyers, explaining to law firms how it works, customizing the program for different law firms, guiding James Publishing’s implementation team, and testing and rolling out new lead generation conversion and referral strategies. She was captain of her Division One college swim team and competed in long-distance races. She brings the same work ethic, people skills, and deep effort for helping her lawyer clients obtain more referrals, leads, and new clients.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Kara’s book How Small Law Firms Can Obtain More Referrals offers a detailed roadmap for getting more clients for your firm, and how to get a free copy of the book
  • Why referrals can be a powerful tool for law firms to affordably obtain new high-quality clients, and why it is important to find the time to grow a referral network
  • How Kara and her team help law firms develop strong referral networks, and how their simple and straightforward process works
  • How branded consumer-facing FAQ booklets can be a great value-added way to start off a new relationship on a positive footing and showcase your firm’s expertise
  • How Kara and her team target specific types of professionals as referral sources, such as drug rehabilitation clinics and mental health professionals for criminal defense firms
  • Why past clients can be an incredible resource for referrals, and why newsletters can help past clients keep you in mind
  • Why physical mail newsletters are cost-effective and are a better option than email for making an impact with past clients
  • Why it is important to provide value and offer content to your past clients to help nurture relationships
  • Why branded booklets and books are a fantastic way of helping past clients “break the ice” and make a referral
  • What first steps to take to begin creating a referral network and build relationships with potential clients

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