Episode 24:

Luke Russell founded Russell Media in 2009 after working in web development since 2006, but Russell Media isn’t the first business he owned. That distinction goes to his first venture of collecting rock crystals from the playground in grade school and selling them to the other students for $0.50 apiece!

Luke is proudly a family man. He married his best friend Stefani in 2012, and they have a daughter and son who amazes Luke every day. He loves playing board games and the intellectual challenges that come with it – he even built a custom gaming table to “feed the need” at home.

On the business side of things, Luke has been honored to travel the country and speak at conferences and private engagements about websites and social media marketing. He worked as a contracted Director of Marketing for a national law firm for almost four years. One of Luke’s biggest strengths lies in his ability to take a topic and distill it into simple terms so that people can understand and take action accordingly.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Luke first came to work with the legal industry, and how he began to focus his attention on designing Facebook advertising campaigns for law firms
  • How the global pandemic has impacted advertising and social media, and in particular trends in Facebook advertising
  • What content Luke recommends lawyers use for their Facebook ads, and why being compassionate and informed is critical during the global crisis
  • Why lawyers are in a great position to be a knowledge resource for people during this confusing and concerning time
  • What content to avoid posting, including content that is overly enthusiastic, and why it is important to match the current tone
  • Why it is important to remember that you aren’t here to make a profit from other people’s suffering but rather provide a service people need
  • Why you should consider the knowledge you possess that business owners and business professionals need to know during the crisis
  • Why creating free content can be a powerful way to help educate people and market yourself without being insensitive during widespread suffering
  • Why building an email list and then sending them frequent free content updates is a powerful marketing strategy
  • How Facebook is developing a grant program you need to know about, and why warning people about COVID-19 scams is a vital service


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