Episode 93:

Marketing Secrets From a Mega Firm, with Bill Pintas

William Pintas gained his decades of legal experience by heading up one of the largest personal injury partnering firms in North America, which has represented more than 30,000 active clients and has worked closely with more than 400 law firms. The practice includes the representation of thousands of clients in the practice areas of mass torts, nursing home abuse, sex abuse, and environmental disasters. The firm is at the forefront of technology, advertisement, and law firm partnership strategies. Attorney Pintas is also chief legal strategist for famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump, having represented the cases of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, thousands of poisoned children of Flint, Michigan, and other areas of gross negligence and horrific personal injury.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The marketing channels with the best ROI for law firms
  • How Bill grew his law firm to become one of the largest personal injury firms in North America
  • Systems and tools to help you know your true ROI for each marketing platform and campaign
  • How to keep your firm competitive
  • Investing in your business
  • Bill’s take on non-lawyer ownership of law firms


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