Episode 231:

Welcome to episode 231 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast, hosted by Ken Hardison. In this episode, Ken sits down with Seann Patrick Malloy, Managing Partner of Malloy Law Offices.
Seann started his personal injury law practice in 2013 and successfully grew it from a single employee to a team of 52. His firm operates in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, with offices in all three jurisdictions. Seann enjoys exploring innovative methods to scale the law firm, experimenting with various marketing strategies, and fine-tuning operations. He is also passionate about discussing the business aspects of personal injury law. Seann resides in Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife and their twin 15-year-olds.
What you’ll learn about in this episode:
1. Overcoming Initial Struggles and Sparking Growth
  • Seann shared his early challenges were a lack of systems and marketing strategy.
  • A pivotal moment came when he attended a PILMMA conference in 2016, revolutionizing his approach.
2. Implementing Strategic Changes Post-Conference
  • Seann took decisive action by hiring his first intake person, which proved pivotal.
  • Emphasized the crucial role of effective lead handling and intake processes in driving growth.
3. Building a Robust Intake Department
  • Recognized the intake department’s critical role in converting leads into cases.
  • A well-structured intake team has significantly driven the firm’s impressive growth.
4. Gaining Insights from Mastermind Groups
  • Joining Ken’s mastermind group in 2020 provided Seann with valuable insights and strategies.
  • Peer-to-peer learning and support have been instrumental in navigating challenges and achieving success.
5. Leveraging Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Seann’s firm has invested substantially in Google Ads and in-house digital marketing.
  • Exploring offshore talent for specialized roles has further enhanced their marketing capabilities.
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