Episode 212:

In this episode of #GrowYourLawFirm, host #KenHardison speaks with Karl Seelbach, an experienced defense attorney from Austin, Texas, who founded his firm and specializes in personal injury defense. Leveraging his nearly 20 years of expertise, he developed Scribe AI, a software to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in depositions, reflecting his commitment to improving the plaintiff’s side of legal proceedings.
What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

1. Embracing Legal Technology:
  • Integration of Scribe AI in depositions
  • Streamlining legal processes with AI and video technology

2. Efficiency in Legal Practice:

  • Early deposition strategy for quick truth-seeking
  • Swift transcript generation for faster case progression

3. Importance of Video Evidence:

  • Enhancing case strength with visual and auditory cues
  • Utilizing video to improve understanding of testimonies

4. Professional Relationships in Litigation:

  • Valuing respectful interactions with opposing counsel
  • Fostering repeat business and referrals through professionalism

5. Balancing Innovation and Ethical Practice:

  • Navigating the challenges of new technologies in law
  • Ensuring thoroughness while leveraging efficiency tools
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