Episode 201:

Welcome to episode 201 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast, hosted by Ken Hardison. In this episode, Ken sits down with Ashley Johnson, Founder of Dogwood Patent and Trademark Law to discuss the importance of safeguarding your law firm’s identity.

Using My Two Passions in One Law Firm. Prior to becoming a patent attorney, I completed undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as a Masters Degree in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University. After law school, I chose to practice patent law because of the technical background that it required. Practicing patent law allows me to combine my love of technology with assisting inventors and new businesses to create products that are helping improve the world.

There was one major struggle I faced when I worked for the larger law firm, and it was the personal touch that I felt like I needed to provide my clients but lacked the time. I chose to start my own patent law firm in 2019 after 17 years of practicing law because I wanted to be able to help my clients in a one-on-one setting where they can get the insight and guidance that they need.

As the founder of Dogwood Patent and Trademark Law, it has been so rewarding to help small businesses and startups at each step of the patent process. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, from medical devices and engineering design to green technology and consumer products.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Learn about Ashley Johnson and her company
  • How Trademarks can protect your Firm’s brand
  • Why you should use Trademarks
  • Discover the value of utilizing Trademarks
  • Learn why you need to regularly monitor your brand







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