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I am writing to extend a personal invitation to you to come to an exciting event happening later this month: The 2019 Empowering Women to Entrepreneurship Through Law Firm Ownership at our 2019 Super Summit. It’s being hosted by PILMMA, and features Gloria Allred, who recently released a Netflix Documentary: Seeing Allred

More and more women are leaving the practice of law in frustration. Recent ABA numbers showed as much as a  50% attrition rate for women attorneys, at or before the 20 year mark! When women should be hitting their prime as attorneys, far too many are leaving the practice of law altogether!

More and more women are struggling; they are boxed in by glass ceilings, while also being pulled in multiple directions between inflexible work responsibilities within firms that cater to a male mind set, and childrearing and family responsibilities that also need their attention. It’s no wonder they hit a breaking point.

The simple solution is more women starting and growing their OWN successful law firms, creating their own firm culture, and defining the terms in which they will practice law. That’s why we at PILMMA decided to host our first ever Empowering Women At our 2019 Super Summit, and asked attorney Gloria Allred, and a number of other successful women firm  owners to join us and to  share their knowledge and insights.  We want more and more women to feel empowered for firm ownership, and to equip them with the tools and strategies they need to grow their own successful law firms.

We also want to see women who have already started their own firms to experience more financial freedom and growth.

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This phrase has become synonymous this year with the grit and determination women across our country are bringing to the table not only on the Hill, but in courtrooms, boardrooms, ball fields and battlefields.

It takes GRIT to start a law firm, and to grow it successfully, but it’s the same grit that has gotten you to where you are now. It’s the determination to set a goal and then make it happen!

For many women, there is reluctance to start a law firm on their own: It  isn’t something they taught us in law school, was it?

But if you were able to pass the bar, and work for years growing someone else’s practice, why not put that same energy, compassion and determination to bear to grow something for yourself and your family? To build a firm and a culture that reflects YOUR values and gives you the freedom to call the shots yourself, and to NOT be penalized when you need to pick a child up from school or soccer practice, care for aging parents, etc.

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I believe there is a reluctance for many women to grab the helm and captain their own law firm ship. They worry about the finances and whether they can grow the firm successfully and be able to generate the income they need each month to keep things afloat in the interim.  The truth is, you CAN do it, and it is not as difficult as you might think!

If you have already started your own firm, we’d like to help you grow your firm and experience more profits and more freedom. We’d like to share strategies and tactics that will truly help you experience a more balanced life AND a more successful law firm.

PILMMA has been helping lawyers for the past 10 years to grow successful  firms through law firm marketing and management strategies that are not cost prohibitive and that produce real and oftentimes dramatic results. If you aren’t already familiar with PILMMA, I encourage you to go online and read more about who we are and how we help lawyers in legal marketing and management through educational content, webinars, teleseminars, publications, workshops, etc.

There has never been a better time to start and grow a law firm; We live in the digital age and with those advancements comes the ability for you to hang your shingle, grow your firm and compete with the big guns by leveraging proven grass roots and  digital marketing.

PILMMA has a heart to help women grow successful law firms- law firms that provide excellent client service combined with cutting edged marketing and management strategies that allow you to truly work less and earn more.

We want you to join us in New Orleans, at the Ritz Carleton, June 28, 2019 for PILMMA’s Super Summit Women’s Entrepreneur Day.  It’s a day that will be  packed with presentations from practicing women  lawyers who have grown successful law firms themselves and are sharing their own secrets for success.  We’ve asked Gloria Allred to join us as key note.

Imagine a room filled with smart, passionate women ready to change their lives and grow law firms that will change the world!

Change only happens when we decide it’s time to change, and we ACT!  So, take the next step: Decide today to join us  at the Ritz-Carlton in the French Quarter of New Orleans, June 28, 2019. Registration to attend just the Women’s Day Friday is $397.00 using the coupon code: WOMENDAY19 and we offer a full money back guarantee: If at the end of the day you are not glad you came, we will be happy to refund your registration fee.

Be a trailblazer.  Let us help you. Join us in  New Orleans June 28, 2019! We hope to see you there.



Tiana Hinnant Hardison, Esq.

VP of Development and Communications


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