Episode 86:

Emotiontrac: The Latest “Must-Have” Software for Lawyers, with Aaron Itzkowitz

Aaron has extensive experience in technology management and in growing traditional and start-up businesses to profitability. Prior to EmotionTrac, Aaron led Successories.com and its subsidiaries as CEO, President and COO. In 2014, he sold a division of the company at a substantial gain for the investors. He has launched companies and also worked as a business consultant for small to Fortune 100 companies to increase revenue, implement cost cutting programs and guide manufacturing and technology expansion. He led a Hewlett Packard initiative to build an on-demand solution to introduce their wide format printers. He also served as CEO of FrameLogix Inc., an online photo framing fulfillment business. Partners included Snapfish.com, Kodak and AOL.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why and how Emotiontrac software was developed
  • How emotion recognition software can be a marketing money-saver for attorneys
  • The use of this software in video dispositions
  • The value of the panel review in determining case valuation
  • Pricing structure and program options


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