Episode 99:

An Innovative and Disruptive Approach To Legal Marketing & PR, With Steve Norber

Steve Nober, founder, and CEO of Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG) has been a major force in the legal industry for over a decade. CAMG is a full-service legal marketing agency, providing comprehensive digital and offline marketing, including TV, radio, outdoor, SEO, Paid Social, SEM, and OTT. CAMG operates six service divisions with a staff of over 400 to support law firms in the mass tort and single event space with case acquisition. Services include media buying, creative, intake, contract processing, and medical records. With CAMG’s Legal Marketing Index, Steve makes the agency’s proprietary data and marketing trends available to law firms. Recognized as an industry leader, Steve speaks at over 40 conferences a year on topics including best marketing practices and ethics in advertising.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Information about CAMG, the legal marketing conglomerate that Steve has built.
  • Some of the ways that CAMG makes measurements and metrics that then can be used to help grow law firms.
  • The genesis of CAMG’s call center and why handling this often overlooked aspect of the business is crucial to the growth of a firm.
  • The marketing situation, and changes in advertising results, due to changes from the pandemic.
  • Why Steve decided to begin to offer PR services, and how their approach is disruptive and innovative.
  • How their PR service is intuitive and why law firms should consider it even though it’s not traditionally something that firms seek out.
  • Information about the free data that CAMG publishes monthly for law firms.
  • Good advice for lawyers trying to grow their practice (hint: start by differentiating in your marketplace).


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