Episode 125:

Being Proactive To Take Advantage of Business Incentives In The Tax Code

Welcome to episode 125 of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast, hosted by Ken Hardison. In this episode Ken sits down with Boris Musheyev and they talk about why you should be proactive with your tax planning.

Boris Musheyev, CPA is a tax and accounting firm specializing in tax planning and strategy for entrepreneurs and business owners. We use proven tax strategies to save our clients tens of thousands of dollars on taxes every year when implemented correctly. We personalize each and every strategy to ensure that our client’s family and business situation is thoroughly examined to maximize tax savings. Our team is made of high-performing professionals who take diligence and care in every step of the process when handling clients taxes.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Being proactive and using tax strategies to contribute to business growth
  • Income shifting from a higher tax bracket to a lower tax bracket
  • The difference between C corporations and S corporations
  • Understanding how the tax code is incentivized to help business owners save money
  • Self-rental strategies to acrue depreciable assets
  • Creating different business entities to shift income
  • The changes to the tax code with the changes in political control



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Email: Boris Musheyev accounting@Borismtax.com


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