Episode 40:

Eric Morgan has a rich background of over 25 years of media strategy, planning and buying experience in offline, online, non-traditional and promotional advertising campaigns. His insight and approach have helped design media strategies and campaigns for brands including Morris Bart, LLC, Frank D. Azar & Associates, Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers, Shelly Leeke, Harrah’s Casino, Louisiana Office of Tourism, Hotel Monteleone, and Visit Baton Rouge.

Eric earned an M.B.A. at Tulane University and a B.A. from Loyola University in Advertising Communications with a minor in Marketing. Having over 25 years of media strategy and buying experience, Eric regularly speaks on the topics at conferences. In 2009, he was named Top Executive of the Year by the Advertising Club of New Orleans. He has taught Advertising Media Planning in Loyola University’s Communications Department, and is a fellow of Loyola’s Institute for Environmental Communications and the Institute of Politics. Eric sits on the Board of Directors of the Good Work Network and is a past board member of Louisiana Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Tulane Association of Business Alumni.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Eric discusses the work that Morgan & Co. does as a media agency, and he shares how the company is agnostic toward media channels and focuses more on goals
  • How Morgan & Co. operates and works with clients in a broad variety of industries to develop strategic marketing initiatives
  • What common misconceptions Eric believes many lawyers hold around the idea of working with advertising agencies
  • What mistakes law firms often make in their marketing, and why your marketing strategy needs to make sense and be grounded in your unique situation and needs
  • Why finding your comfort zone and identifying what goals you need to be met is the key to identifying the right marketing strategies
  • Why spending money on defensive marketing to maintain your market position will often drive up your cost-per-case dramatically
  • How OTT marketing like Hulu bypasses traditional TV marketing, what benefits it offers over regular TV marketing, and what issues you need to watch out for
  • Why “cost per completed view” or CPCV is the key tracking metric to determine the effectiveness of OTT marketing
  • Why you should always be testing and then use the information you discover to determine where you’re effectively spending money and where you’re wasting it
  • Why it is important to start small, develop a path and take your time, and create compelling content to create a new way of interacting with your audience


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