Episode 41:

As President of RingBoost, Paul sets the vision and steers the company toward new growth opportunities. He runs national business development, building strategic relationships with providers, advertising agencies, IT consultancies, and telecom companies to create new value for all parties. Paul oversees the sales and marketing functions, working with clients of all sizes to find memorable numbers that will be game changing for their businesses.

A nationally recognized expert in the use of local and toll-free numbers in marketing, Paul organized the first industry-wide trade conference in 2010 and has been a featured speaker at Somos’ Toll-Free User conference more than once. He was inducted into the PILMMA Hall of Fame in 2017, and he has contributed to and been featured in media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, NPR’s Marketplace, Entrepreneurs on Fire, Inside Business, and The Startup Growth, among others. On a mission to teach the world about the importance of voice communication to grow a business, Paul can always be found pushing the team to think creatively, stretch farther, and connect better with customers and partners.

In addition to RingBoost, Paul is a partner in Primary Wave Media and a co-founder of 1-800-Prepare.com. Paul previously served as a senior security consultant at DGA Security Systems where he led the sales team in performance across all categories.

In his free time, Paul is a member of the Somers Volunteer Fire Department, a student of Krav Maga, an actor, a volunteer for various charitable causes, the leader of the Build Your Life Resume (BYLR) alumni group, and a proud father of two. The only thing Paul’s not good at is being idle, and you’ll always find him off on a new adventure, meeting new people, and chasing new experiences.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Paul’s strength in authentic relationships and networking has helped him build powerful connections
  • Why Paul loves helping others and bringing people together, and why keeping focused on this goal has helped him in his business
  • Why authenticity is the key to Paul’s relationships, and why genuinely caring about others means never treating them transactionally
  • Why Facebook is Paul’s favorite social media platform, even over LinkedIn, and how its more social nature allows for stronger connections and relationships
  • How “vanity phone numbers”, “easy-dial” numbers and tracking numbers can be a powerful tools in your firm’s marketing arsenal
  • Why your firm’s phone number should be seen as an important component of your marketing, rather than just an afterthought
  • Why having a unique, easy-to-remember phone number could be worth potentially thousands or millions of dollars in business
  • Why you should be working to drive leads through your phone number just like you do for your website
  • Why finding a great phone number is only the start of the process, and why your team needs to be trained to handle those calls when they start coming through
  • Why the new client intake and process is critical for converting leads into clients, and why more calls are only as good as the number of conversions you can turn them into


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