Update 4/23/18: We just published a new guide on getting more potential clients to find and consume your content online. You can read it here: Mobile Website Marketing for Law Firms in 2018

If you are just setting up a practice or a small start-up law firm, you will hear many conflicting opinions about whether or not you really need a website. To clear up your confusion, here is an interesting statistic. A recent survey conducted by Nielson says that three out of four people in the United States search online when they need a lawyer. That single statistic should be enough to make you realize just how consequential it can be for your firm, big or small, to have a website.

Here are some very good reasons why it is important for lawyers to have websites:

  1. It Makes You More Reachable – A website can allow your customers to reach you far more conveniently than any other source. A potential client can search for you on the Internet and reach you instantly, any time of the day. If you want to compete with the large firms, websites are ideal to give you the same, or even more accessibility. By using SEO content on your site, you can make it rank higher on search engines, increasing your firm’s visibility.
  2. It Builds Trust and Credibility – A website can help you build trust and credibility not just among your clients, but your peers as well. The content you provide on your website, including references and testimonials can build the trust  in your skills and knowledge. Only when people are sure you know how to solve their problem will they contact you. A website blog can be an ideal way to display your knowledge and expertise.
  3. It Provides Information – The best thing about having a website is that they provide your customers with all the information they need in the most convenient way. Your clients can learn about your credentials, experience and knowledge areas without having to pay a visit to the office. Websites are the best source of information you can provide to your clients about your law firm beforehand so that they can make an informed decision.
  4. It’s a Powerful Marketing Tool – Despite what everyone says, lawyers need to market their services in order to stay competitive. A website acts as an ideal marketing tool that can cost you much less than TV or print advertisements. If someone is searching for an attorney, then they already have a need for your services. Once they open your website, you can easily turn them into potential clients by using powerful information and content.

A website is a smart way to maximize your marketing dollar. But a website alone is probably not enough. Take advantage of social media outlets as well – and don’t forget blogging – it’s another great way to enhance your reputation and bring clients in. And TV and print advertisements can have their place as well. The best marketing strategy is a multifaceted approach that spans a variety of modalities.