Creating a USP – Start With What You Don’t Want To Be

There were 2 big “aha!” moments for me in the development of my NC law practice. The first was the need to systemize everything, which I learned from Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth”. The second realization was that I needed to focus more on my marketing and get that straight.

In the years since those aha moments, I have become convinced that the single biggest mistake a law firm can make in their marketing is not having a Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

A strong USP should make your ideal clients desperate to hire you as their lawyer. Legendary copywriter Dan Kennedy says that your USP should answer this question:

“Why should I choose to do business with you, instead of any other option available to me, including doing nothing?”

Formulating a strong USP however can be a challenge.

At the PILMMA Super Summit in Chicago back in July, I shared the steps you need to take to build a preeminent law practice. I explained to the audience that you need a goal and a plan to get you there. You need to be able to visualize what sort of lifestyle you want to live and how you want your firm to operate.

However, sometimes people just don’t know what it is that they really want. So I suggest starting off by deciding what you don’t want. Maybe you don’t want to work evenings and weekends. Maybe there are certain types of clients you don’t want to have in your law firm.

The same technique can be used to help you formulate your USP by deciding what you don’t want your law firm to be about. Virgin America Airlines has recently produced an example of the sort of airline they don’t want to be. The YouTube video is called “Have you been flying BLAH Airlines?” and here’s how Virgin described it:

“Take a look inside BLAH Airlines Flight 101 from Newark to San Francisco. Witness the harsh reality of nearly six hours of flying at its worst, from takeoff to landing. Unfortunately, this is a familiar experience for far too many travelers.

“If you’ve been flying BLAH, it’s time to take a radical departure to Virgin America. Trade peanuts and annoying service for WiFi, entertainment, power outlets, mood lighting, and food and drinks on demand.”


So if you’re not sure where to start in formulating a USP for your law firm, you could start with what you don’t want to be.

There is an easier way, though, to formulate a USP. Fortunately for you, I’ve incorporated a toolkit into my free report, The Single Biggest Mistake Lawyers Make In Marketing Their Law Firms, that guides you through the steps needed to create a USP for your own law practice.

This toolkit will give you a concise, complete and compelling statement that sets you apart from your competition. Once you’ve got it, you can use it in every way imaginable to position your law firm as the go-to firm in your market.

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