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Pushing out frequent engaging social media posts is a big part of today’s law firm marketing. If you aren’t posting loads of short video content, you are losing out to your competitors. Today’s prospective clients are looking for quick posts that capture their attention. You need videos that stand out and catch their interest. Think Tik Tok and Instagram Reels- quick, easily digestible, and entertaining content.

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Here are some hot software programs to help you make your law firm’s social media marketing easier and more effective:

  1. This software will help you come up with copy- and headlines that grab your prospect’s attention. No matter how great your content might be, if the viewer doesn’t stop scrolling to take a look, your videos won’t get the attention they deserve.
  2. This software gives you access to a host of video clips, royalty-free. Videos are an essential component to any social media marketing strategy. Getting access to royalty-free videos will help you create engaging posts without reinventing the wheel.
  3. This software will help you discover what people are asking about. If you want your social media efforts to hit the mark and help you sign more cases, you need content that not only captures the prospect’s attention but also answers questions they are asking. If you want to be the lawyer they hire, you need to stand out as the lawyer who understands their issues and has the answers they need. Strive for entertaining education.
  4. This software gives you access to music that you can add to your social media posts. Engaging today’s prospective clients on social media starts with grabbing their attention and holding it for as long as you can. Music can help your videos stand out.

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Successful Law Firm Marketing in today’s market means having a host of tools in your toolbox. Leverage social media marketing. Post often. Strive to educate and entertain. Experiment. Try pushing out a variety of posts in different styles. Try short videos. Longer Videos. Post on a variety of platforms, tailoring your videos to the criteria that work best on each platform. Hitting your target with Social Media Marketing isn’t impossible. Use the above software to make your efforts easier and more effective.

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