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When it’s time to create or revise your law firm’s online marketing plan, there are many important considerations to make.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in buzzwords and social media hype, but the key to successful law firm marketing is first identifying the types of cases you want and what you want to spend to acquire them. A good marketing team can provide you with statistics and analytics to ensure every dollar spent on advertising is worth it. Here are some first steps to take when designing your law firm online marketing plan in 2020.

Identify your potential clients

Whether you’re developing an online marketing strategy or any other type of media campaign, identifying your ideal client base is critical. If you don’t know exactly the type of client you want to attract to your firm, then you’ll have a difficult time knowing what type of content to produce, what media tactics to leverage and what their actual needs are. It’s a good idea to create a profile of your favorite or most profitable clients. What happened in their life that makes them look for an attorney? Are they the primary client or helping someone else find an attorney? What is their lifestyle or life stage? And what messaging could resonate with them?
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Notice, while we’re focused on life insights and psychographics, we’re not completely leaving demographics (What’s their age? Where do they live?) off the table. We just find life-based insights are very powerful and more indicative of a successful campaign. When analyzing and defining your ideal prospective clients, conduct some housekeeping down the decision funnel in terms of marketing operations. Are the keywords you’re using on your website the same as what your clients and potential clients are using? Do you have pages built out addressing the types of cases you try?


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Take advantage of local seach

When you are first starting out, it may be difficult for your website content to rank on page 1 of Google, because the larger, more visited websites take precedence. A great way to combat this is to utilize Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. These interactive online directories will help you show up when people search for your firm or firms like yours in organic search and in maps. Being as specific as possible regarding your location, services and contact info can help drive more qualified leads to your firm.

Answer a client’s question before it’s asked

People want to find answers on their own nowadays. Even if your law firm offers a free consultation, chances are a potential client will do their own research, no matter how credible the resources are. But with the right law firm marketing strategy, a potential client can hear, read or see your message clearly and know exactly who to contact. How you present the information they need and how in-depth it is will go a long way in providing the answers to a person’s question before they even must ask. Think of the top questions your clients ask you on a regular basis, do you have blogs on your site that provide the answers? Knowing a potential client is in need of information for their type of case, does your website discuss similar cases?

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Focus on the data

The more data you can collect from your offline and online marketing campaigns, the more focused the whole picture will become. Just putting a Google AdWords campaign up and waiting for the phone to ring isn’t enough. You need to have a system in place to know where a prospective client comes from, when they turn into a lead, how that lead is processed, and how to track new cases back to lead source and cost. Having all these components in complete alignment is sometimes difficult for a law firm to achieve on their own. With so many moving parts, statistics and analytics to study, working with a marketing professional is sometimes the best option for a law firm to ensure no details are missed. Morgan & Co. has helped dozens of law firms, with various practice areas, grow their business efficiently using strategic marketing plans. Our marketing strategies are designed to help every law firm we work with get the lowest cost per case acquisition and create a stable foundation for future marketing efforts. To learn more about how the services of our media agency can benefit your law firm, contact us today.

Client testimonial

“As one of the largest television advertisers in America, with multiple offices throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, we have a very complex media strategy. Eric and his team have executed this strategy flawlessly for many years with incredible results. My firm has continued to grow every year, and Eric is an integral part of my marketing strategy and success.”

 Morris Bart
Owner, Morris Bart, LLC

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