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Bold law firms are not afraid to step out of the box, and when it comes to socials, they let their creativity shine bright!  

The reality is that social media is no longer nice to have. It’s a must-have, and 2024 legal trends and predictions keep stressing this!  

With it, the smartest law firms are finding ways to boost engagement, traffic, and trust and in some way attribute to their ROI. See this law firm case study as an example:  

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Notice the amount of engagement – it is pretty high!  

Firms looking to create engagement and effective content in the ever-evolving landscape of socials is both a challenge and a reward.  

In this post, we’ll unpack it all together. Let’s dive in.  

Ethical Considerations in Social Media for Personal Injury Law Firms 

Navigating social media for law firms isn’t just about following the latest trends. It involves understanding and adhering to ethical standards.  

For example:  

  1. Confidentiality – Case studies are a great marketing asset. But still, when it comes to law firm case studies on a person’s case, confidentiality is key to protecting any sensitive information.  
  1. Compliance with advertising regulations – This is unique to every law firm’s jurisdiction and bar association, but just make sure you look into this before any advertising campaigns.  
  1. Use of testimonials – Like case studies, ensure your client’s wishes are met. For example, if they wish to keep their testimonials anonymous or do not want to be part of any marketing campaigns, etc.  
  1. Avoid misleading messaging – This is key! According to ABA Rules 7.1 and 7.2, lawyers are allowed to advertise as long as it is not false or misleading. 

Challenges in Social Media for Personal Injury Law Firms 

There are two main challenges for personal injuries looking to get the most out of their social media.  

  1. Managing social media all alone – The nature of social media is dynamic and complex. Navigating the nuances of various social media channels, from X to LinkedIn, etc., means you need to manage a lot of moving pieces, from creating consistent and high-quality content and staying updated with changing trends to algorithm updates. Both time and expertise are required, which is why it is critical to have a professional law firm social media team managing this for you.  
  1. Focusing on the wrong objectives – Many think of investing in marketing in hopes of seeing a one-to-one attribute to their ROI. Still, the reality is that all marketing assets contribute to ROI either directly or indirectly. Social media usually contributes in an indirect way. Through socials, you build on your image, you grab people’s attention, and overall, it is there to build on community.  

Paige York, a social media coordinator at Consultwebs, one of the top digital marketing agencies for law firms, reiterates this:  

Social media is there for a community; to create a community and talk to each other instead of cold-pitching or advertising, which has its place. But organically speaking, the question is: what do you have to contribute to conversations that other people are having, and how can we make ourselves relevant in those conversations?”  

Opportunities in Social Media for Personal Injury Law Firms 

This is the fun part!  

If you’d like to sit back and listen in, we recommend you listen to this incredible LAWsome episode, which dives into social media strategies and measuring metrics for law firms.   

If you want more concrete ideas, we’ll boil it down to 1 simple plan: 

  1. Leverage videoThere are many creative video strategies for law firms. But, to recap, you can begin by hosting a webinar, and if you are partnered with any local business, then that would make it even better. 
  1. Leverage video x2 – Videos are everywhere!  

Screenshot 2023 12 12 at 10.10.11 pm

Social is only growing year after year, and law firms aren’t shying away from it anymore. If you want to discuss a plan of action for 2024 and beyond, we’re here and happy to jump on a 1-1.