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How do you reach the most prospects interested in your legal services?

What is the most profitable marketing channel?

What will give your law firm the most ROI?

The common denominator is…diversification. In other words, ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket.’

Studies show that just this year, more than half (63%) all businesses across all industries increased their marketing budget across different channels.

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In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the benefits, strategies, and proof that a diverse digital campaign strategy works best for your law firm.

1.   The Benefits Behind Diversifying Your Firm’s Digital Campaigns

Consultwebs, a prominent digital marketing agency for law firms, studied how law firms can remain recession-resistant.

In short, they found that there is more than half a chance there will be a recession by July 2024, but law firms can prepare and, ultimately, come through gaining even more.

It was found that law firms are rapidly transitioning to a digital-first approach and securing all their bases: from their website to their social outreach, emails, and more.

Why is that?

Increasing reach, thus increasing the chances of converting more prospects into cases

✅Reducing risks by investing in a number of channels instead of betting on one approach

✅Improving their firm’s recognition by being everywhere

✅Harnessing the strength of each platform; for example, social media works best for engagement, but emails could work best for the retention of current clients

✅Gaining competitive advantage, if your competitors aren’t there and you are, who do you think prospects will remember?

✅Preparing for future trends, as the market shifts and your clients go from one platform to another, you must meet them there.

And how are law firms growing their business?

Studies show that the majority of law firms are outsourcing their marketing with specialized agencies:

2.   The Top Campaigns for Law Firms Investing in Digital Marketing

The beauty behind digital marketing is in its uniqueness. While you can look at another law firm for inspiration, the reality is that you can also think outside the box and go for what no one else is doing.

The top trailblazers in personal injury focus on their niche.

For example, if your personal injury law firm focuses on car accidents, you will want to study the post-accident client journey and see where marketing steps in.

👉 To start off and get inspired, check out this video with Ken Hardison, Founder and President of PILMMA, on ‘Exploring How Consumers Select Their Personal Injury Attorney.’

However, based on personal injury and their niche markets, the following campaigns are promising:

  1. SEO for law firms: It all pretty much starts here. This secures your website and serves as your 24/7 salesperson for long-term sales activations.
  2. PPC for law firms: This helps activate your firm’s short-term sales by directly targeting specific audiences through specific ad campaigns.
  3. Accident Data Center: This is a live resource that provides all information on car accident and collisions happening across the United States and Consultwebs offers a managed advertising service for this specific page through banner ads in the specific geographic area you need, links re-directing back to your website, monthly reporting to see what’s working, and more.
  4. Streaming advertising (OTT): Over-the-Top Marketing (OTT) are advertising campaigns in popular streaming channels like Roku, Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon Fire, you name it. If you are looking to connect with clients where they are spending a lot of time – this is the place to be.

There are a plethora of other digital campaigns, but we hope this helps as a starting point if you are looking to diversify yet, niche down to more specific strategies.

Now, let’s dive into the proof.

Does expanding pay off for law firms? If so, how?

3.   The Proof that Expanding Legal Campaigns Works

Consultwebs ran a study of over 200+ law firms based on:

  1. Law firms expanding their digital campaigns
  2. Law firms that are not expanding their digital campaigns

It was found that the law firms that have the highest level of conversion rates invest in expanding 2+ digital campaigns.

More specifically, the firms diversifying their digital campaigns to 2+ more see an increase of 734% in leads acquisition. (Impressive! Isn’t it?)

Take a look:

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The study uncovers more.

If you want to see:

✅The difference between cost per lead and lead acquisition

✅See how other money-making law firms get the most of their marketing dollars

✅Understand where and how law firms are investing

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