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It’s the process you want to fall in love with not the result that you’re looking for. Reaching goals takes time and hard work. If you only think about the goal you want to achieve you’ll get discouraged and bored with the process. It’s the process that will get you to your goal, but you have to fall in love with the process to prevent boredom. Love the process and compete with yourself while applying the process. Trust the process and everything else will fall into place. Notice the process. Notice the steps in the process so you can remember how each step in the process got you to our goal. The process is the behind-the-scenes real work that must be done to reach your goals. Muscle memory refers to developing a new skill through practice. The practice is following and trusting the process. Athletes rely on the process of repetitive training and practicing repeatedly to get to their desired goal.

When we don’t reach the goals we had hoped for it’s usually because we gave up on the process. We didn’t have the mental endurance to continue with the hard work to be successful. Make this her large quote.

Building a law practice is full of processes: the process of marketing, the process of closing retainers with the “1-Call-Close”, the process of attracting, hiring, and retaining the best team members, and so on.

Perhaps if you focus on the success of the process, repetition and practicing over and over again boredom won’t show up so easily. You must do the work. Trust the process and the finish line will show up.

Everyone is looking for the shiny object. The new silver bullet on the scene that’s going to cure all problems. The real shiny object is you, your team, and the process.

The RMFD Process for Improving your Firm’s Intake:  Fall in love with the process of RMFD (record, monitor, and feedback, daily).

* Record your team’s Intake calls

* Listen to the recordings, and

* Provide feedback to the team.

Don’t just focus on how fast you will see them make the changes. Focus on the steps, the process, the pulling of the calls, listening, reviewing, and teaching your team to respect the process of working to discover all the hidden opportunities in every single call.

Consider the weight loss process as an example: Have you ever finally gotten to a place where you’re ready to lose weight? You begin with the goal and identify the plan and the process you will use to lose the weight. Then, you stick to the plan and the process and you begin to lose weight. If you are successful, it is because you figured out what works for you. But, if you suddenly stop using the process that has been working for you, before long you are right back where you started. In this scenario, you didn’t fall in love with the process of making healthy lifestyle changes. Instead, you likely fell in love with the end result you wanted to get to. Once the result is achieved, we get bored, and we stop. At least, this is what happens to me.

When I was training for my 30-mile ultra-marathon, the training schedule was grueling. It was like another full-time job. Each time I went out to run, the first 3 miles were a real mental challenge because I knew I had 15 miles ahead of me. It was all I could think about. My entire training experience for the 15 miles was terrible. Because of that mindset, I didn’t feel successful even when I finished. In contrast, on the days I went out and focused on the present moment as each step hit the ground, my breathing, the woods, the technical trail, taking in food and drinking water, one foot in front of the other- in other words, “the process,”  I had a successful experience. This was the “muscle memory” I wanted to remember.

The daily practice and commitment to the “1-Call-Close” is the process of using the 5-step relationship sales conversion script, applying your intake screening question, focusing on one call at a time, hearing and feeling what’s being said by the prospect, providing empathy and assumptive language to close the agreement on the spot.

Use scripts to guide you through the process of building a relationship and nailing the 1-Call-Close.Although you don’t want to sound scripted or robotic, the script is a valuable tool, or roadmap. Used properly, it is a life raft to guide you through the relationship. Scripts also ensure that your entire team is selling the same message. Everyone is following the process of what works. The script process helps your team to become better listeners. Have a script for objections. Follow the process and use them. This type of process builds confidence because your team will always know how to handle questions from the prospect. Follow the steps on your script one by one and before you know it you’ve helped one more client by doing the “1-Call-Close”. Trust the process. The rest will follow.

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