Interested in PILMMA’s Platinum Mastermind Group?

PILMMA Mastermind Groups are made up of entrepreneurial and like-minded lawyers who come together to contribute to each others’ success. They share everything with one another, both their nuts and bolts of their successful marketing and management strategies AND the lessons learned from failures.

Mastermind Groups provide members with a winning short-cut to success while avoiding the expensive pitfalls of attempting to go it alone. Fellow Group members act as both a ‘board of advisors’ and a support group, giving encouragement to reach new levels of success.

After just one of our Mastermind Meetings you’ll see why AND how this membership level breeds SUCCESS. You’ll meet your other Group members behind closed doors for 2-3 days, giving each of you a chance to raise any issues you want solutions to, while offering the benefit of your own experience when other members raise their own challenges.

Are you interested in joining a PILMMA Mastermind Group? Either call 1-800-497-1890 OR click the button below to request a call from us!


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