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The PILMMA Insider’s Journal Monthly Magazine

law firm marketing strategies

Do you need more cases or a better managed office? The PILMMA Insiders’ Journal is members’ only magazine chock full of proven law firm marketing strategies and management tips you’ll get in your mailbox every month.

The magazine has articles on the following practice-growing topics:

  • A Lawyer’s Mindset for success.
  • The Law Firm Marketing Strategies and Ideas of the month.
  • The Management Tip of the month.
  • Social media for law firms.
  • Online marketing for lawyers.
  • The Peaceful Lawyer article on how to lead a balanced life.
  • Community Preeminence Marketing: interviews with what our members are successfully doing with grass-roots marketing in their community.
  • Performance and Productivity.
  • And more.

This monthly magazine is not only full of useful information to catapult your law firm, but it is a gentle nudge every month to push and encourage you to take action, move your law practice to the next level and implement the law firm marketing strategies and management tips we deliver to you every month.