Episode 85:

Delivering Exceptional Client Service, with Judd Shaw

Judd Shaw founded Judd Shaw Injury Law (JSIL) and serves as the firm’s Brand Chief. Judd founded the firm on the premise that clients come first. Over the years, the success he attained for his clients helped JSIL grow significantly. Judd’s clients are not just another number to him or his law firm.

Never losing sight of the firm’s core values, Judd is passionate, one could say obsessed, about client satisfaction. The weight of the responsibility he has in helping his clients has driven Judd to deliver the firm’s promise that clients deserve. When you contact the firm, Judd is confident that you’ll discover a seasoned team who share his commitment to excellence and to the health of his clients, first and foremost.

As a skilled negotiator, Judd is widely respected for his industry knowledge and experience. He has recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients and takes the time to build a relationship of trust with each client. He does more than take a case – he takes his clients’ side and fights hard. In addition to his firm’s personal injury practice group, Judd built one of the State’s largest no-fault medical collection law firms. Judd has a proven track record for both maximizing recovery and for his speed in resolving cases.

His unwavering focus on his injury clients taps into Judd’s extensive network of expert medical professionals to ensure injury clients achieve their maximum medical improvement. His ultimate goal is to be the client’s legal hero – or as we call it – a Knight In Shining Armor.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How  to begin when creating a strategy focused on providing excellent client service
  • The role of established core values in providing top-notch service
  • Why getting the settlement value your customer expected is NOT the most important thing
  • Using surveys to maintain and improve the client experience
  • How to handle clients who just aren’t meshing well with their case manager
  • Measuring how successful your client service has been
  • Marketing to past clients


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