3 Client-Driving Videos to Create for Your Law Firm by Michael Mogill | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

Businesses that use video in their marketing grow revenue grow revenue 49% faster than organizations who don’t. Let’s repeat that: 49%.

Compared to non-users, video users also enjoy

  • 41% more web traffic,
  • 27% higher click-through rates,
  • 35% higher web conversion rates, and
  • 88% longer visitor time-on-site

If you haven’t yet considered video as a marketing tool for your law firm, it might be time to start. But, where to begin, and what videos will drive the biggest impact for your practice? If you’re contemplating the best format to achieve your firm’s marketing goals, the process starts with just that: your goals.

Are you looking to increase visibility online? How about attracting particular types of cases? Or, are you simply looking to convert more potential clients once they find your website? Perhaps all three?

If you’re looking for a good starting point, here are 3 client-driving video types you can create for your law firm.

Legal Brand Videos

An essential piece to the puzzle is the conversion driver, your legal brand video. In essence, the legal brand video is the ship that carries your value proposition to potential clients. It helps them get to know you, and – if produced correctly – will drive them to hire your firm.

Brand videos give viewers a compelling overview of your firm, quickly conveying your message to drive an emotional connection with your practice. For optimal engagement, we recommend 2-3 minutes in length. It’s long enough to tell an emotionally engaging story, but not too long to the point where viewers click away before getting the full message. If possible, brand videos should always contain client testimonials, as testimonials are one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

Focus on benefits, not services, and focus on the “why” of your firm. In a market flooded with competitors, your “why” is your key differentiator. Tell your story.

Also, always remember that your video content is a direct reflection of your firm. Create quality video content, and you’re more likely to see quality results. After all, enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.

FAQ Videos

Think of FAQ videos as the traffic-driver for your law firm.

Imagine this scenario…

You get in a trucking accident, you get home from the hospital, and you know you’ve been wronged… but you don’t know next steps to take. So, you go to Google to ask:

“What do I do after a semi-truck accident?”

Now, imagine the first thing you see is an attorney telling you exactly what your options are. The attorney isn’t directly selling, just delivering value. They’re building trust and establishing their firm as a valuable resource in the matter. So what do you do? You head to their website to see what else you can learn.

This is how legal FAQ videos work, but they have to be created the right way to achieve positive results.

The biggest pitfall many attorneys face is creating FAQ content around questions they think their clients are asking online. The questions they choose may be the right ones. But, they might not be. Don’t create content that will fall on deaf ears.

Instead, use keyword research to determine what people are searching for in your exact market and the exact search volumes as they relate to your practice area. Furthermore, instead of targeting high-competition search strings like “personal injury attorney Miami”, target long-tail keywords like “what do do after a car accident in ______” that zero in on the exact cases you are looking to attract.

The overall search volumes for long-tail keywords may be lower, but people searching these phrases are more qualified for your specialized services. Another added benefit? Instead of competing with every personal injury attorney in your market looking to rank for “personal injury attorney”, you’ve honed in on your niche and will find it much easier to rank your FAQ content higher in search engines.

Create short (60-90 seconds), valuable content that directly answers the questions potential clients are asking, and you will create effective videos that drive build trust and drive traffic to your firm’s website.

To review, successful FAQ videos:

  • Answer relevant questions based on search data (keyword research)
  • Are short, offer direct value, and are not sales pitches
  • Provide information about specific services your firm offers

Client Testimonial Videos

There’s no better way to connect with potential clients than through the experience of someone who was exactly in their shoes. People gravitate to those like them, and testimonial videos help prospective clients connect with your firm’s work.
Think of testimonial videos as client case studies. Your testimonial videos should:

  • Showcase real-life client stories that demonstrate how your firm helps clients prevail through difficult times
  • Provide hope and confidence to viewers who may share the same struggles as the client sharing his or her story on screen
  • Spotlight what it’s like to be a client represented by your law firm

Rather than directly selling your firm yourself (which is necessary, but every attorney does it), allow past clients to explain how your firm changed their lives for the better. This creates strong, emotionally compelling reasons to hire your firm.
When looking to determine what videos you should create for your firm, first start with your goals. Brand videos convert, FAQ videos drive traffic, and testimonial videos build client trust. But, these content pieces are not mutually exclusive.
First, put your conversion driver in place, you’ll want it for whenever potential clients hit your website. Then, create FAQ content pieces to drive traffic back to it. After that, build trust around it with focused client testimonial / case studies, and you’ll have an effective video strategy that sets your firm up for success.

Michael Mogill is the President and CEO of Crisp Video Group, a national legal video marketing company that produces high-quality and engaging legal videos for attorneys all over the country. Crisp Video is consistently recognized for creating engaging legal videos that help attorneys see a 2 to 10 times increase in case values. By simply bringing in higher-value cases, attorneys who produce videos with Crisp Video see an average return on investment of 300% and routinely double and triple their revenue — sometimes within just 6 months. He has been featured in Forbes, Avvo, ABA, PILMMA, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.